Turtle Beach, a North American No.1 gaming accessories brand, is a comfortable fit and high compatibility, a popular wireless headset, stealth 700 Gen2 MAX, two products (black, cobalt blue) for two products (black, cobalt blue).
It will be launched through Daemon CTS to hold various events.

The Stealth 700 2nd generation Max PlayStation (STEALTH 700 GEN2 MAX PS) is a successor to the existing Stealth 700 Gen2, which has a longer battery life.
Bluetooth can be connected to a mobile phone and tablet, and 2.4GHz wireless technology, which is connected without disconnection and delay, can be used simply and quickly on various platforms such as PCs and Nintendo.

Turtle Beach’s patented profit ™ cooling ear cushion and the pressure on the glasses, which relieves the pressure on the glasses, makes it easier to focus on the game with a more comfortable battery with a more comfortable fit with a more comfortable fit.

This large battery can be used for about 8 hours even if you charge 15 minutes, so you can use it without worrying even if you forgot charging.
The second-generation folding microphone with high sensitivity and high performance can make a clear conversation and simply operate the mute function.

The powerful and stable and stable design with the metal structure, and the powerful and rich audio of two NATO 50 mm speakers precisely tuned to be optimized for gaming provides high-quality space audio on the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC, and easy operation with easy operation
Can be converted.

The Stealth 700 2nd generation Max PlayStation wireless gaming headset supports 3D audio features of PS5 ™, providing spatial surround sound more realistic and accurately in hundreds of precise and unique directions.
In addition, the USB transmitter is equipped with a stable audio and conversation connection of the PlayStation, and the mobile app can easily and easily set the setting on the mobile phone.

Turtle Beach will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis of the PlayStation Gift Card on a first-come, first-served basis for customers who purchase the Stealth 700 2nd generation Max wireless headset from February 14, and will provide the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Game Title through the review event.