PICTOY Co., Ltd. officially announced Monster Create on July 14th. The supported platform is iOS / Android, and it is also considering releasing on Steam in the future. The development progress is 50%, and the release is scheduled for spring to summer 2023.

Monster Create is a monster create battle game. The catch phrase is 365 days monsters are born. First, create your own monster. It is said that the thickness, length, and color of various parts such as the face, body, eyes, arms, legs, tail, wings, and corners can be freely changed. It seems that such monster creation can be done intuitively.

Players seem to fight the monsters they create. It is said that the performance and skills of self-made monsters can be set, and it seems that a castle construction battle using monsters will be developed. There is also an online function. It is said that you can show off the created monsters and fight each other. It seems that there are also gimmicks that use cards.

PICTOY is a game studio established by Hiroshi Moriyama. Hiroshi Moriyama used to belong to the game company Skip. After working as a director on Chibi-Robo!, Blooming! Chibi-Robo! And Welcome back! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Daisouji!, He transferred to Asobism. In addition to being involved in Ikimonozukuri He is Create Toy as a director at the company, Dragon League, Dragon Poker, Castle and Dragon, Gambit, etc. for smartphones are unique and highly original. Has created a game. Mr. Moriyama set up his own studio and created Monster Create with his former colleagues such as Keita Takeuchi and Masahiko Kikuchi.

As an art design, you can feel the elements from Castle and Dragon, and as a game system, you can feel the elements from Ikimonozukuri His Create Toy. On the other hand, Mr. Moriyama commented in a past interview about the new work, It certainly looks like Castle Dora, but the gameplay is different (Famitsu App). He also commented, I think it will be a work that you can enjoy playing like never before.

  • According to the Famitsu App interview mentioned above, the company name PICTOY is the development name of Ikimonozukuri Create Toy.

There are still many mysteries about Monster Create, but it seems that it will definitely be a game full of creativity like Mr. Moriyama. Let’s look forward to the follow-up report. Monster Create will be released from spring to summer 2023. In addition to iOS / Android, release on Steam is also being considered. This work will also be exhibited at the indie game event BitSummit X-Roads to be held in Kyoto in August.