Receiving Russian Ukraine invasion, Ubai Isoxo is It is revealed that the game sales at Russia stopped .

Overseas Media Broomme and Reuters’ interviews are considered to be admitted to the local time on March 7, who stopped digital and physical game sales in Russia. Currently, Ubi Isho has an office in Moscow and has a studio on Ukraine Kyiv and Odessa.

Also, Take-to-Te-Interactive COD Take-to-Te-Interactive Stop Sales and Installation of Game Title at Russia and Belarus **. Alan Lewis, a vice president of a public relations, has expressed a deep concern in Ukrainian situations, and in Russia and Belarus, it has been decided last week for new sales, installation, and marketing support for all labels. It is said that he said. According to the game market survey company Newzoo and, “Grand Ceft Auto V” is a popular game where the number of active users is the third in Russia.

There is a Russian GTA San Andreas map mod...
Game titles in Russia For sale, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, CD Project Red, Blober Team, etc. have already been stopped.