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Core Keeper Farm Guide

Agriculture is a rather important aspect of Core Keeper, as you need food so that your hunger indicator is not empty. Food can be mined from chests, killing enemies and other ways, but farming is still the most reliable way to get food in Core Keeper. Therefore, we accounted for a full guide on the Core Keeper farm.

Farming Basics in Core Keeper

Grow the harvest in Core Keeper is not so difficult. First, players will need to build a copper hoe to create a farm. It can be created on the workbench, and for its manufacture requires 4x wood and 2x copper.

The next thing you need will be made is a watering can, for the manufacture of which 4x copper is required. You will also need to collect seeds, which will then be planted for growing crops. Seeds can be obtained by collecting plants in the open world, boxes and chests.

to plant seeds

How to farm Azeos the Sky Titan! | Core Keeper
Seeds can also be found in the wild Biome of Azeos, where you can destroy the yellow plants to get seeds. The following task will find an open and spacious platform next to your main base for planting farm crops.

After you have chosen the area where you want to grow a crop, select a hoe of your inventory and use it on this area to turn it into the farm area. Now use the seeds that you want to grow on a farm to grow them.

Collect the crop

You will need to water your cultures so that they grow. Water can be worn from any reservoir to the loft with watering.

Vintage will need some time to grow before it can be collected. As soon as the crop texture changes, it means that he is ready for cleaning.

Copper List in Core Keeper

We provided a table below, in which all seeds of crops and cultures are listed in detail, which they produce. We also specified where this culture may be and on what basis it should be cultivated.

Farm seeds Harvest Requires land Meets in bioma
Seed Puffung Puffung Form Dungeon of Mland
Bombing pepper seeds Bomb pepper Dirt Dirt, Azeos Desert
Crawl seeds Carrock Stone Forgotten ruins
Heart berries seed Berry’s heart Dirt Dirt, Azeos Desert
Larvae Capboard Seed Fiber Dirt Clay caves
Root seed Wood Dirt Dirt, clay caves, desert azeos
Glossy tulip seeds Glowing tulip Dirt Dirt, Azeos Desert

FAR: Changing Tides: FAR

Frontier Foundry, the Game Label of Frontier Developments PLC today announces the release of Far: Changing Tides. With Far: Changing Tides, the developer Okomotive extends the FAR universe. The game is now available for Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Store. The Launch Trailer to Far: Changing Tides can be seen here.

With the appearance of Far: Changing Tides today expands Okimotive’s Far Universe. In the latest release of Frontier Foundry, the players cross a flooded landscape on a meditative journey. The game is accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack, a picturesque style style and the additional verticality through the dive function. Thus, this postal-pokalyptic adventure aims to provide new as well as the predecessor players familiar with the predecessor game ‘Far: Lone Sails’ rated by the criticism.

In a dilapidated ship, the players cross together with toe, a lonely boy, which controls a ship over and under the waves, a sunken world. In doing so, toe must always solve puzzles, truck flooded civilizations and defish inexorable natural elements.

Don Schmooder, Lead Designer and co-founder of Okomotive, is looking forward to publishing: “What started with ‘Far: Lone Sails’ as a university project, has become a studio with 10 employees, two games and over six years of wonderful memories Okomotive developed. Our development trip with Far: Changing Tides is finished, but we can not wait to see how our players will experience their own journey in this wonderful world. “

FAR: Changing Tides - Official Gameplay Walkthrough | gamescom 2021

Chad Young, Senior Director of Publishing and Commercial, says, “The passion of Okomotive for her craftsmanship and the incredible gaming experience she created is a perfect example of Foundry teams to help make games which we want to see. We have given the studio our support and their vision led to a game that is both beautiful and emotional. That’s why we could hardly be proud of her. “

In the course of the campaign, a number of activities and partnerships were announced to celebrate this unique and beautiful game. Highlights include a Awesome Games Done Quick Charity Stream in cooperation with the San Francisco Monterey Bay Aquarium, a Artstation Tutorial Tutorial and the publication of Soundwaves Lo-Fi Soundtracks.

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