GAME*SPARK’s freshly picked-up Steam indie games.

Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so. Therefore, it is this project ** freshly squeezed! I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich play, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, Salt 2: Shores of Gold is attractive for always fresh great adventure and strongest equipment carefully selected.

What is SALT 2: Shores of Gold?

This work is a sequel to the open world survival SALT, set in the wide and natural islands developed by the two-person indieveropper Lava boots Studios. Focusing on exploration, survival, craft, and battle, you can literally go anywhere on your own boat.

The world of this work is automatically generated, and the islands with various characteristics appear. It also features RPG elements such as combat with pirates and creatures, and leveling up skills, so you can enjoy it in a free way.

In addition, this work is mainly Eve, and can be sailed without being broken by other players or destroying the ship. Let’s introduce the charms of this work!

Story Points Part 1! Always a fresh great adventure

When the player starts the game, he wakes up on a nature-rich uninhabited island. It doesn’t mean you start from the open sea suddenly, so first collect the supplies you need to make a squid and get ready to go on an adventure.

The genre of this work is a survival game. You need to collect the supplies and foods required for sailing by yourself. Basically, you can pick up falling items and collect growing plants. Ingredients can be obtained by hunting animals and fishing. If you have a recipe, you can make various dishes.

When the goods are available, craft the squid and leave. Squid and ships can be floated in the sea from inventory, and can be re-installed anytime you like. In other words, you don’t have to struggle to strand. In addition, a teleport can be made from the island to a ship and indoors from the island, so it is designed to be safe no matter where you get lost.

The islands of this work are created infinitely by automatic generation . Follow the route you haven’t seen yet while using the compass, six-minute rituals, and maps, and adventure on unique islands.

The island has archeological sites, caves, pirate camping, vacant houses, etc. randomly, and new equipment and recipes are available. It may be the destination of your guild or merchant quests, so you can get rewards by going to the specified direction and finding an island and clearing your goals.

Searching for recipes is one of the purposes of this work . More than 50 kinds of cooking recipes and more than 100 ship decoration items are implemented. The obtained furniture can be placed on the ship freely, and you can create your own living space.

Story Points Part 2! Strongest equipment carefully selected

This work adopts an RPG-style loot system, and the weapons and armor that can be obtained have random status and talent . The status is different from the power of the normal attack, the block rate, and the stamina consumption during blocks. If you don’t have good equipment, you don’t have to be impatient. In this work, Eve is the main mode **. You can play slowly at your own pace, as you will not be attacked by a stranger where you are sailing gracefully.

Also, every time the player’s level goes up by 10, a new world tier will be unlocked . Although the enemy is stronger, it will be easier to select the equipment because it will also appear in rarity equipment.

In addition, there is also a skill level that rises by various actions of players. If you collect plants, the collection skills will increase, fishing skills will increase, and if you keep using slashing weapons, the slashing skill will increase. Although it is not implemented at this time, it is also planned to implement talent trees for both ** level skills in the future.

Salt 2: Shores of Gold had a solid foundation that could be a good game, taking advantage of the previous development experience. However, it is not boring at the moment, but it is somewhat insufficient. There is no free architectural factor like RAFT, and there is no real pleasure to interact with other players like SEA OF THIEVES.

However, this work is still in the early stages of early access. The current roadmap by development is as follows.

Cooperation play .

  • Added ship type.

  • Underwater content.

  • Additional functions of maps.

  • Added the main quest.

  • Talent for skill tree.

  • Talent given when leveling up.

  • Display of player avatar (third person viewing point?).

  • Added island, quests, loots, and world boss.


In the near future update, an end game content called Pirate King Island will be added. The island has the most difficult enemy and pirate fortress in the game, and has a unique reward.

It’s up to the player to walk across a number of islands, aim for a pirate king, make prize money to hunt pirates, or if you happen to enjoy living on board. A free voyage is waiting there.