In Fortnite, the faster you land in the right place, the faster you can get prey.
The faster landing guarantees that you will be the first at the chest, so you can quickly punish enemies.
Everyone knows how to fall out, but you can use tips to make sure that you have the best drop in the game.
We have prepared a leadership that will help you become the first player on Earth.

how to land the first in Fortnite

Here are the best tips to land the first in Fortnite:
Select the area next to the preferred landing site.
It should be close, not too far from the trajectory of your flight.
Preferably from 150 to 300 meters.
The glider will open automatically before you fall to the ground.
Make sure that the glider opens as close to the ground as possible.
After you jump out of the bus, dive straight down to move faster.
Make sure you look at the map to see the speed of your immersion.
You will need to avoid any hills, mounds, mountains or hills.
Find a place with the lowest height and go to it.

  • The presence of water next to the discharge site will facilitate the task, since the water is at the lowest height in the game.
  • If you want to land on tall buildings, you will have to jump earlier.


  • Make sure you have chosen the right time and angle.
  • The earlier deployment of the glider can advance you further.
    You will need to practice several times until you learn to fall perfectly and sequentially.
    Practice in your games, be sure to notice your mistakes and correct them.
    You will soon become a master of quick fall!
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