RAFT never disappoints, offering beautiful islands, objects and rewards in the game. The island of Balboa on the raft is the last location of the first chapter, which makes it special for the game. There are many artificial structures, paths and a frightening mother of the media.

This unique island of Balboa resembles a national park and is full of beautiful landscapes and generous awards. In this leadership, we will discuss how to get to the island of Balboa on the raft, and we will spend you through mini-quests in the area. So without further ceremonies, let the advent begins!

How to get to the island of Balboa on the raft

After the players built their boat, engine and helm, they should be ready to raise sails and find the island of Balboa. Players need to open their magazines and look for whether the coordinates of the island of Balboa were included or not.

As soon as you find it, it will read the code as 7511. Use the lever and buttons on the side of the receiver to enter this 4-digit code, and you can move around the island. The blue points on the radar will show you where the island of Balboa is located, so you must control your boat accordingly. Follow the dots and you can quickly find the island of Balboa.

Passage of the island Balboa

Following and focusing on blue points, you will finally find yourself at the entrance to this island. Some of the key features of identification include a bunch of broken fences in front and several boards that warn about bears ahead. Socker the boat to the side and start your journey around the island of Balboa.

Unlike the rest of the island in the first chapter of the raft, it is quite easy to cope with the island of Balboa, and you need to perform only a few quests. It includes luring the mother-media, collecting unique resources, collecting drawings and 12 notes in the diary.

Before you start your quests, this is what you need to remember: stock up on a lot of food and weapons. There will be many bears on the island, so you need to kill them along the way. Although you can avoid most of them, you cannot avoid all of them.

Use signs and examine the area accordingly, otherwise you can easily get lost. And start your journey to Balboa Island, first luring your mother’s bear.

Seduction of Mom-Medvedi

The first thing we will do as soon as we enter the island of Balboa is to find a Medved mother. Mom-Medvet is a boss with whom players should deal with to advance on the plot of the game. Players must find a box in a cave protected by mom with a bear to continue their adventures in the game.

To find a bear’s mother, players need to go directly from the entrance to the island and look for a sign indicating the direction. Go to the left of the board and go until you find your mother’s bear. She will guard the cave with all her life and soul and attack you if you come too close.

To lure her from the road, players will have to find five wild berries to feed her, and take the opportunity to get inside the cave. Players should make their way to the shore to get berries, as this is the simplest place to get them. On the shore there will be from two to four berry bushes with a large number of berries. Gather five of them and put in front of the container near the cave.

Mom-Medveditsa will move away from the entrance to the cave, giving way to you. As soon as you find yourself inside the cave, you can assemble a machete and a drawing machete.

The location of the unique objects of the island of Balboa **


After you finish robbing the cave, you must start looking for unique objects, since they are necessary to promote the plot of the game and get achievements. You cannot buy some drawings if you do not have them in advance.

Wild berries: * Players can find wild berries near the shore.
Bruno Hammer: Players can find Bruno Hammer at the Retranstion Station 4 behind the Varvolny Bridge.
Bruno CO: Players can find this item in a cabinet located north of the cave of the mother of the bear. It is located between the relay station 4 and the relay station 6.

Brunos key: * The player can find this inside the relay station 6.
light bulb: * This item can be obtained after completing the Fix Errr assignment! Achievement.

Notes to the island of Balboa

In total, 12 notes are scattered throughout the island of Balboa. They are easy to find, so it will be easy for you to fulfill this mini-quest.

Note No. 1
Players can find the first note, heading in the direction indicating to the relay station 2 and the rangers station. Go up the track, and then to the relay station and carefully cross the acid pond.

Move forward, and at a certain distance in front you will find a hut with the inscription If you lived here, your home is no more. Enter inside and find a room with a mattress. This mattress will be your first note.

note 2
Get out of the cabin and head to the relay station. Go up and inside the room. Next to the table with the monitor you will find a second note.

note 3
Return to the starting point, and then go left of the pointer and pass by the mother of the bear. Now go up to the hill and go to the relay 4. Now go over the bridge to the relay station, and inside the room with the monitor you will find a third note on a small chair.

Note No. 4 and No. 5
Go to the relay station 6, and along the way you will come across a cave with vines. Use the machete to break them, and then, finally, go to the relay station. In the room with the monitor you will find a note on the table. And there will be another table with the fifth note very close nearby.

Note No. 6 and No. 7
Return to the starting point with the direction indicator. Go up the valley and past the place where the valley bends. Now go left; Here you will find the sixth note. And just a few feet in front you will also find your seventh note.

Note No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11 and No. 12
These notes will be located next to notes No. 6 and No. 7. The last five notes are in just a few meters in front, where the dolls hang. In addition, you can find a note on the ground, next to weeds and inside the cells.

Location of drawings of the island of Balboa

Players will find various necessary drawings in the following places.

Make the drawing: * As soon as you lure your mother’s bear and enter the cave, you can get a drawing machete.
The fuel tank scheme: Players can get it by visiting the Retranslation Station 6.
The scheme of the biofuel processing plant: Players can get this drawing by going inside the rangers station.
* Drawing of the fuel pipe: Players can find this drawing at the relay station 4.