In the video game industry, “ Stealth Marketing “, which was reported by a large company in 2006 and 2014, was “Failure affirmation on the official website” on the official website. We have announced that we are considering revision of “ end -needed guide ” to crack down on “reviews”.

The “End Consumed Guide” is a guideline for promoting fair transactions between advertisers and consumers, and was first enacted in early 1980. Although the guide itself has no legal binding, it is specified as an administrative interpretation for advertisers to comply with the Federal Trade Commission Law.

In this revision plan, the purpose is to strengthen fake reviews in social media (SNS), etc., to strengthen the crackdown on so -called “stealth marketing”. Specifically, it is explained that tags included in SNS posts and virtual influencers (VTuber, etc.) are eligible.

According to FTC’s Samuel Levin, “Although it would be a fake review, it would be an influencer who posted it with a reward, but these deceptions will spend money on bad products and services. It will lead to the results and will hurt a sincere competitor. “