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0.7 Launch – Dragonflight Evoker Guide


Our course guides have been upgraded for Spot 10.0.7 launch!

Dragon flight Course Guides

We’re happy to reveal that our existing course guides have actually currently been updated for Dragon flight’s launch. Below are web links to our updated course guides

Dragon flight Evoke Guides

  • Destruction Evoke DPS Guide
  • Conservation Evoke Recovery Guide
  • Devastation Evoke Progressing Overview
  • Preservation Evoke Leveling Overview

Other Course Guides





  • Course Online forum
  • Affliction Warlock Overview
  • Demonology Warlock Overview
  • Devastation Warlock Overview
  • Dragon flight Warlock Leveling Overview

Witch doctor

  • Course Forum
  • Brew master Monk Guide
  • Mist weaver Monk Overview
  • Wind walker Monk Guide
  • Dragon flight Monk Leveling Guide

  • Class Online forum

  • Blood Fatality Knight Guide
  • Frost Fatality Knight Overview
  • Unholy Fatality Knight Overview
  • Dragon flight Death Knight Leveling Overview

Death Knight











  • Course Discussion forum
  • Holy Paladin Overview
  • Protection Paladin Overview
  • Vengeance Paladin Guide
  • Dragon flight Paladin Leveling Overview

  • Class Discussion forum

  • Arcane Mage Guide
  • Fire Mage Overview
  • Frost Mage Guide
  • Dragon flight Mage Leveling Guide


  • Class Online forum
  • Self-control Priest Overview
  • Holy Priest Guide
  • Darkness Priest Overview
  • Dragon flight Priest Leveling Overview


  • Course Online forum
  • Elemental Medicine Man Guide
  • Improvement Medicine Man Guide
  • Restoration Shaman Overview
  • Dragon flight Shaman Leveling Overview


  • Course Forum
  • Arms Warrior Guide
  • Fierceness Warrior Overview
  • Security Warrior Guide
  • Dragon flight Warrior Progressing Guide

  • Course Discussion forum

  • Assassination Rogue Overview
  • Outlaw Rogue Guide
  • Subtlety Rogue Guide
  • Dragon flight Rogue Progressing Overview


Devil Hunter

  • Class Forum
  • Havoc Satanic Force Seeker Overview
  • Revenge Satanic Force Hunter Guide
  • Dragon flight Satanic Force Hunter Leveling Guide

  • Class Discussion forum

  • Monster Proficiency Hunter Guide
  • Marksmanship Seeker Guide
  • Survival Hunter Overview
  • Dragon flight Hunter Progressing Overview

  • Class Online forum

  • Balance Druid Overview
  • Feral Druid Guide
  • Guardian Druid Overview
  • Repair Druid Overview
  • Dragon flight Druid Progressing Guide.

Gladbach is preparing for BVB

Borussia Mönchengladbach is prepared in West Schlager of the Bundesliga on Sunday (17:30 pm / Dazn) at Borussia Dortmund also prepared for a use of BVB-Torjäger Erling Haaland.

“Haaland is the guarantor of goals and points with his mind, dynamics and mentality in Dortmund,” said Gladbach-Coach Adi Hütter on Friday at the press conference, “if he is there on Sunday, we will see us on both possibilities set.”

However, the chances of a Haaland use in the Signal Iduna Park signal are rather low on Sunday. The Norwegian striker Haaland had already missed for Adductor’s problems against Bayer Leverkusen (2: 5) and at Union Berlin (3: 0). He was not available at the 2: 4 against the Scottish Master Rangers FC on Thursday in the Europa League.

Bitter Setback for BVB! | Borussia M'gladbach - BVB 1-0 | All Goals | Matchday 6 – Bundesliga 21/22

Hütter wants to continue working on the defensive work at the foal. “We still get too many goals,” but the Austrians, “but you can not forget that we last brought a decent performance in a difficult situation against Augsburg. The mentality has fitted, and we would have achieved even more goals be able.”

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