While the owner of the Deluxe Edition summon by Hogwarts, Avalanche software application revealed the special double sensuous controller Revelry.
The device is obviously based upon its magical open-world-RPG and can be ordered from tomorrow.
Sadly, there is bad news here: The game pad limited to a certain number is only available in Fantastic Britain and the United States.
All other countries go away empty-handed.
In any case, the Americans and the British can buy via the PlayStation Direct Store-from tomorrow.
It is currently not understood whether the controller will be provided in additional countries at a later date.
Even before the publication of Hogwarts Tradition, the development group described the double sense as expansion of your wand.
The players can feel the magic in their hands about this.
With this background, Avalanche was passionate about using a special PS5 controller.
We knew that we wanted something unique that looks as good as it feels in the hand.
But when it was time to commit to a particular design, it was a much more challenging procedure that we had to analyze, describes Neighborhood Supervisor Chandler Wood on the PS Blog.
Nevertheless, it was clear at an early stage that they concentrate on the Hogwarts.
Therefore, the focus here is on the magic school.
According to the artist Vanessa Palmer, the design is supposed to combine the magic with the decorative aspects of the Victorian period.

Matt black has dominated

With the colors, white, blue and aqua have been thought about.
In the end, they liked a Matt black best.
On the one hand, it fits the wanted aesthetic appeals, on the other hand it indicates the dark topics of the story.
For a touch of credibility, golden stripes are supposed to lead.
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