THUNDEROUS GAMES announced on October 28 that the action adventure WaVe tale will be released on December 13 Japan time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. A new trailer has also been released. According to the official website, this work also supports Japanese.

Wave tale is an action adventure game. The protagonist is a girl named Sigrid. After the living island, Granville, is attacked by a mysterious tsunami, he realizes that the shadow reflected on the water will support himself like a scaffold. He gained the power to walk on the water as if walking on a mirror. Set in a submerged town, an adventure starts to find a secret hidden under the under the water while saving the islanders from a mysterious sea monster.

There are huge gimmicks in the town, such as Ferris wheels and clock tables. By gathering a power source called a spark, these stopped devices can be moved, and by doing so, the search range will increase. It seems that the element as a puzzle game is also a strong work.

Cute graphics and characters are also featured. The protagonist, Sigrid, is a very cheeky girl. In the trial version, an angry grandmother who is worried about such a sign appears. You can also see fishermen who are tired of their lives, recent people with secrets, and pirates. Sometimes the story seems to progress while interacting with distinctive people. In addition, in the main story, the hero’s hat, hair color, and costumes can be changed. The visuals are quite detailed, and you can enjoy powerful water productions on water movement. The building is a fantastic and beautiful design that makes you feel the loneliness of the submerged town.

Although the details of the story have not been revealed, according to the Steam store page, you can experience a heartwarming story depicting loss and reconciliation. What happened in the world, and the fate of the Signs? The player will be approaching the core of the story, unraveling the mystery hidden in the water.

The development of this work is Thunderous Development. The game development department of Swedish Publisher THUNDEROUS GAMES. Thunderous Games has been publishing Lego Brick tales and Curious Expedition 2. This time, Average, it will be a work developed in-house. This work is already on sale at the cloud game service STADIA operated by Google overseas. STADIA, on the other hand, has been announced that the service will end on January 18, 2023 (related article). With the expansion of compatible platforms, it will be an opportunity for a wide range of users to play.

According to the official website, this work also supports Japanese. Although it is not compatible with Japanese in the Steam store page, the trial version could change the language from in-game settings to Japanese and play. It seems that you can enjoy not only speedy water movement but also the story in Japanese. Average will be distributed to December 13th for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.