Dena announced on the 2nd that it has updated the Awakening Yoon Dae -hyeop athlete’s data in its mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’.

Yun Dae -hyeop, the ace of Neungnam High School, is usually a soft personality, but in front of the game, it shows a different appearance in an instant and leads the game to the end in any thirteen situation.

Through this awakening update, mastery has been added to the six existing skills, including Spin Move Dunk, Jelly Lay -Up, Sophisticated Pass, Welcome Breakth, Back Dribble Pay, and Flying Block Shoot.

First, ‘Spin Move Dunk’ has been added to ‘rotating whirlwind’ and ‘thunder blink’, ‘jelly layup’ and ‘jellype · uh’ and ‘acceleration no -shot’, and ‘sophisticated pass’ Pass’ has been updated.

In addition, ‘Welcome Step Bag’, ‘Welcome Escape’, ‘360 -degree Lay -Up’ and ‘Perfect Pass’ using ‘Back Dribble Pay’, ‘Back Dribble Pay’, etc. The strengthening was strengthened.

D & A has held various events until the 14th to commemorate the update. First of all, by the 7th, users will be able to obtain a valor coin and a cheering selection pack by completing certain mission conditions such as a cumulative win or completion.

[Slam Dunk Mobile] Another God Tier F2P Character ? Awakened Kiyota !

The valor exchange coin acquired can be exchanged for the Rank Protection Card, Competition Coin, and Basket Coin as well as the profile of the Neungnamji Zone, Basketball Skin (Neungnam).

In addition, if you complete the cumulative goal, cumulative assist, cumulative rebound, cumulative block, etc. by the 14th, you will receive a MVP specialty selection box, skill training card, and camp training card.

In addition, various events such as login & training, candy collecting, and potential gifts are held.