In this guide to the spectral pages in Destiny 2 you can find out:

  • Through which activities you get the fastest of spectral pages
  • Tips for quick ending the activities

The festival of the lost 2022 in Destiny 2 sends you in search of spectral sites. You get them in the game for the completion of pretty much **. But which activities are the fastest and give you most spectral sites? You can find out here.

Attention : You always have to wear a festival mask to get spectral sites!

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10 Spectral pages in less than 5 minutes: The determination

The activity with which you can get the fastest spectra sides is the Witch Queen mission The Determination . However, you have to be in pairs for this trick. This is how it works:

  • Plays the mission until shortly before the end.
  • After you have defeated the sharp witch, you go through the gate and then hold on.
  • Do not drive to Finch, because this ends the mission.


Now a player has to leave the mission-this saves the game on the character of the checkpoint before the fight against the witch.

  • So leave the mission and then join your friend again with a different character.
  • As soon as your colleague received the message in the game that you joined, he can drive to Finch and end the mission.
  • You get nine or ten spectral sites for the end.

Now change again to the character with which you have left the mission and invite the checkpoint. Your friend can join you, you play the boss fight against the sharp witch again and then go to the goal. Now you change the character again. You can repeat this infinitely often and so quickly farm spectral pages .

We recommend that you following Loadouts to end the boss fight as quickly as possible:

Solar-Warlock *: Sternfeuerprotocoll with fusion grenades
Arkus-Titan : Heart of the innermost light with storm grenades
Arius hunter : Hand beat of the liar with the combo stroke

public events in the ETZ

We usually received two to three spectral sites ** for the completion of public events. It doesn’t matter whether you make the event heroic or not. So it is best to play the normal events-this is faster than the heroic. The easiest way is to farm the public events in the ETZ, as there are landing zones (quick travel points) near all events, to which you can teleport.

the shortest strike: lake of the shadow

If you also want to complete the weekly Request, we recommend the strike See of the Shadow in the ETZ . This is by far the shortest strike, as you can simply run past a large part of the opponents and put the boss with its measly life bar within seconds.

As a reward, we always got four and six spectral sites ** at the end of the strike.

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