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Author: Derek Mai

Carbot Simple Programming Game-Holding! Todays STEAM Attention game 5 selections [March 30, 2022]

STeam where many new titles appear every day. I would like to check the high-attention new work, but there are many people who can not catch up with the release of the release?

Therefore, the GAME * SPARK editorial department “ within 3 days with early access and formal release ” “” Condition of “” has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 ** ” Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

# A = b (early access graduation)

This work is a programming game with only one instruction, and the title “A = B” means “replacing A with B”. Since the game replaces each character in upper case, you will solve various problems with a simple programming language, with a simple programming language, with a simple programming language.

# Crowz

This work is a team based online milletaries shooter. As a member of the mercenary “Crow” hired by the country, it is dispatched to the task of securing the resource “Q-ON” scattered in the conflict area. Based on four teams, there are two modes of Batrois format “Squad Operation”, which collect Q-ON with a vast open world, and a team-to-anti-battle “Blood Zone” that takes up with up to 32 people.

Pizza Clicker Game in Scratch | How to Create in Scratch Coding | Scratch Programming Game Tutorial

# Nightmare Reaper (early access graduation)

This work is influenced by the Retro FPS of the 90’s, and there is a focus game featuring the dark fight with a dark battle that has been created and created with modern router shooters and rogue elements. A map that handmade and random generation fused, use more than 80 unique weapons with random enchantments, and fight a large number of enemies to escape from the destruction destiny.

for the Warp (early access graduation)

Deck construction Rogue Light game “For The Warp” has officially released. This work is a card battle game aiming for the way to Warpage while repeating combat and deck construction. We will unlock new skills and spacecraft while meeting various enemies and taste, ruins of ancient civilization. In a formal release, new cards and equipment, spacecraft etc. are added. It is also scheduled to release the Nintendose switch right.

# The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will BE Crowned King

When translating a very long title, “the one who pulled out the sword will be the king.” Yes, this work is a game of “just pulling out the sword”. If you miss the sword like King, it will be a king if you go out and leave a paddy. However, it is not one person who is trying to pull out the sword. Each time someone pulls the sword in online mode, the sword is long and heavy.

Warner Bros. Ensures that Hogwarts Legacy will leave this year, despite rumors

A new update in Warding World, the Official website of Harry Potter, reiterates that Hogwarts Legacy will put on sale by 2022 despite rumors that aimed for difficulties in their development and a delay until 2023.

Rumors about a new delay in the game, which had initially been announced by 2021, emerged this weekend at the Podcast Sacred Symbols. He stated that they had heard that the game is not going to leave this year and that he was going through problems.

Warner Bros., the game editor, did not comment on this, which fed the rumors. However now, in the last post in Warding World, it is firmly stated that 2022 is the year in which Hogwarts Legacy will be published.

Hogwarts Legacy is being development by Avalanche, the creators of Just Cause and Mad Max, and was announced officially in September 2020, although we knew about its existence since 2018, when a leak revealed its existence. In its first trailer it was aimed at 2021 as a launch date, but Warner Bros. did not take too long to delay it until 2022 to create the best possible experience for fans.

And, curiously, we still do not know too much about the game, except that you will arrive at PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and that will be an immersive action RPG with open world, set in the century XIX, in which players embody a student who has the key to an ancient secret that could end the world of magic.

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