More than 10 years after the last part, Ron Gilbert announced a new adventure with Return OT Monkey Island.

The one or the other will have asked if Gamed Designer Ron Gilbert has allowed a bad joke when he published the report on his blog Grumpy Gamer on April 1st that he works on a new part of the “Monkey Island” series. After all, the blog has existed since 2004 and was according to its own statement since the beginning “April Failure”. But who follows the Americans attentively, the following tweet will not be escaped from 2013:

Now he has not quite held his promise, but only three days after April 1, 2022 followed the official announcement that Rob Gilbert has been working in secret at a new part of the “Monkey Island” series for two years. More specifically, he works to Return to Monkey Island. With in the boat, of course, Lucasfilm Games, who did not only sell the Adventures of Ron Gilbert at that time, but also brought numerous other genre representatives such as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle. Publisher Devolver Digital is also involved.

Unfortunately, information about the game itself is barely available. Besides the new graphic style that is to be admired in the trailer, only states that the plot of the game will build on Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge. In addition, the game should appear this year. Any platforms or a publication period are still unknown. One thing should be sure. The series will not deny your roots and definitely appear for the PC. With a classic point-and-click adventure, a mouse control is just very difficult to replace. It would be confirmed that the original composers Michael Land, Peter McConnel and Clint Bajakian also participate in the project.

In addition, Ron Gilbert responded to Some statements of the Player community to Return to Monkey Island on Twitter and assures that the third part of the series that did not arise under his line continues to be part of the brand’s canon. Accordingly, the demonic dead skull Murray was not only used for the announcement trailer, it will also be considerable part of the action.

Monkey Island 3a finally coming??? - Return to Monkey Island
For the German market, it is also interesting who takes over the translation of the upcoming Adventure. The iconic lyrics of older Lucasart’s games come, among others, Boris Schneider-Johne. On his account, among other things, the translations of Maniac Mansion and the first two “Monkey Island” games. Outside the Adventure Genre, Schneider-Johe became known mainly by its activity as a PR manager for the Xbox 360 in Germany. But with genre lovers, he is known mainly through his humorous texts. Of course, the colleagues of Game’s economy have immediately asked if he is also involved. The clear answer: “I know of nothing”. Instead, the German texts of Marcel Weyers, who already located more than 250 games for German-speaking countries, come primarily Adventures, Dating Sims and Visual Novels.