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MIR4 can be the most popular market game on the market (recent data talked about 1,300,000 simultaneously logged in persons)…… but what if a large part (maybe even most) there, he uses the help of illegal programs to only earn some money (cryptowalut) for yourself. Whiter’s scale in Mir4 really shock. Last weekend This number increased by another 400,000 accounts, which in total already gave a number of over 7 million banned people. In a word — a massacre. > To Date, EC Have Permanently Restricted More Than 7,398,700 Accounts. Unfortunately, it does not stand that this procedure would be able to reverse in the future. Notable Bangs one Bot era, and two more come to his place. It is also a warning against all market games that have or are going to introduce NFT to each other. CHARTS are just waiting to flood such games.