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PS1 Game Brought Back With Major Problems – Fans Report Issues With PS Plus Classic Re-Release

Luckily, it appears like a number of these initial pests that have been discovered with The Tale of Dragoon have actually been quickly attended to. Within the previous day, update version 1.02 for the game on PS5 as well as PS4 was launched and notably appeared to address the title’s concerns with collapsing. More bugs linked to the video game’s sound have also been rectified with this spot also. Some followers have actually kept in mind that not all errors connected to The Tale of Dragoon have been squashed just yet, however it seems like Sony is quite aware of the port’s shortcomings and is seeking to repair these battles sooner as opposed to later on.

One of the most beloved RPGs from the PS1 period returned on PS5 as well as PS4 this past week, yet as fans have been quick to report, it appears this new re-release has been rife with a number of issues. As component of February’s schedule of PS And also Standards, Sony lastly allowed loosened a brand-new version of The Tale of Dragoon for modern-day PlayStation platforms. As well as while this launch was consulted with widespread pleasure from long time PlayStation followers, it appears that this port has actually left quite a bit to be preferred out of the entrance.

Have you been playing The Legend of Dragoon for yourself since it was released this previous week? And if so, have you observed any kind of major troubles for on your own? Make certain to allow me to understand either down in the comments or strike me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


Adhering to the launch of The Legend of Dragoon on PS5 and also PS4, fans that began playing the game for themselves discovered a handful of big concerns. All in all, fans were rapidly in agreement that this port was quite unsatisfactory, to claim the least.


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One of the most cherished RPGs from the PS1 age returned on PS5 as well as PS4 this previous week, however as followers have been quick to report, it seems this new re-release has been raging with a number of problems. And also while this launch was satisfied with extensive joy from long time PlayStation fans, it seems that this port has left fairly a little to be preferred out of the gate.

Some fans have actually noted that not all errors linked to The Legend of Dragoon has been compressed simply yet, however it appears like Sony is very much conscious of the port’s shortcomings as well as is looking to deal with these battles quicker instead than later on.

Horror ADV that is considerable in the spirit … Last Days of Lazarus [Last Days of Lazarus] with the fear and mystery of Eastern Europe.

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, we will introduce the horror ADV Last Days of Lazarus for the GRIM TALIN PC (Steam) PC (Steam) released on June 23, 2022.

What is Last Days of Lazarus?


One day, Lazarus, the main character, is contacted by his sister, Ludmira. Ludumira, who was quite upset, said that her mother hung her neck and committed suicide. Ludmira complained to come soon, but Lasals had to answer that she couldn’t go right away because of her work. She promised, I’m going to Christmas, she promised, and she visited her house at a later date, but her house seemed strange.

Soviet collapse in December 1991. The collapse of the great power, which once competed in the form of the Cold War with the United States, literally shocked the world. In 1989, the collapse of the Berlin wall and the Eastern European revolution, which had been a preceding shape, naturally brought a considerable confusion to each other. In particular, regarding Romanian President Chawsksk, the political response was a democratization revolution accompanied by bloodshed, and the president himself was executed with his wife.

Set in Romania, where the confusion still remains while overcoming such a situation, Lazarus visits Ludmira’s house, but for some reason Ludmira is not found. In addition, you will be hit by various mysterious phenomena.

Where is Ludmira now? Is Ludmira safe in the first place? With many questions, Lazarus began to look inside the house.

Approach the actual content of Last Days of Lazarus!

I’m starting the game. This building that appears on the title screen is full of exoticism. The cross on the roof stands out. Is it a religious facility like a church?

If you select New Game, the funeral scene will start suddenly. The protagonist Razarus and his sister Ludmira are interacting over the phone.
Ludmira Mother died. Hey, what should I do? I don’t breathe her neck.
Lazarus Wait, calm down. Call the police because it’s okay.
Ludmira Hey, please come right away. Please.
Lazarus: I can’t go right away. It’s convenient for work. Yes, I’m going to Christmas. I’ll promise. Absolutely.
Ludmira What should I do? Your brother… mean…

Thus, Lazarus visited the house at Christmas as promised, but I can’t find Rudomira. As the sun goes down, the outside is completely dark, and the lively Christmas illuminations are also lonely in the snow. Matryoshka and icons have the atmosphere of being in the old Soviet area.

While doing so, the phone sounds suddenly. The phone partner is Ludmira, and she is now in the graveyard. However, there is a figure looking at her appearance…

After this, the horror expansion will continue for a while. A stranger at the entrance, a stranger, suddenly shook like an earthquake when approaching. There is a crack that seems to be quite dangerous on the wall, and the ultimate is a guy.

Which is it? Something like an Ambrella person is growing from the toilet. Will you retire a little? I can’t use the toilet. However, it was Lazarus, who was irresistible because he was doing something intimidating.

A house that continues to shake. Something unusual light emissions have appeared and it’s a straw. Lazals are also panic, and the author is also panic. What is that? You don’t have a gun or bolt here, right? And it’s not the site of the Chernobyl Power Station! ?

Let’s look at the situation anyway.

What was there was a book, and with a moving picture. But this is probably a graveyard with Ludmira? When Lazarus jumps in the car, he hurrys to the graveyard.

A cemetery that looks strange. It’s like a battlefield.

I thought it was really a battlefield. A cruiser off the coast, a self-propelled gun on the land, and a fighter in the sky. Three chimney, it’s a slightly older ship. Is it a Svetrana class? I don’t understand self-propelled guns. Is the fighter the IAR-80 proud of Romania?

This game basically has some side roads, but it is almost one road. At least don’t worry about getting lost. However, you can go back and forth on the same road. I don’t need that, I need it, and I will move with the instructions of a mysterious man.

e? What will happen to that ship? That’s fun.

Thus, this game is divided into several chapters. Still, at this stage, it can be cleared in about 15 minutes per chapter. You can proceed at a relatively good pace, but what about the future?

And Razarus came back to Ludmira’s house again, but the state of the house was strange. I feel that the rainy season was short this year, but during the rainy season, this happens in my home. Like a bathroom.

However, it does not pulse like this mysterious object.

The book I saw earlier is back normally. Was that a hallucination?

What if you take care and search for the house!

There was a child who grew in the bathroom. It is increasing. It looks like you’re in the middle of the party happily.

The Yo-Koyo characters! If you make it noisy, it will be annoying to the lower floors!

And the voice of Ludmira who was scared from somewhere. Anyone will be scared if my home is suddenly like this.
When I went to see the situation, the floor suddenly broke and fell. When this happens, let’s apologize to the people on the lower floor, I’m sorry.

Let’s introduce it. This is the couple living on the lower floor. Yeah, it seems that this is a bit noisy even if it is a little noisy.

Also, even if you wander around the room a little, you will not be angry, so let’s explore a little. Ludmira? That child is okay, maybe. I used to do it until now.

After finishing the search and returning to the upper floor, you can not find the expected Rudy Mira. At all, I found Ludmira as I searched while complaining about this.

However, like this. One sentence of LYUDMILA, I Hardly Knew Ya emerges in her head. So you told me to keep it!

This work is in this work where horror and mystery rush at a fair tempo. I am tired of the large amount of information. The mystery itself is not so difficult, but it will be difficult to use your head from around Chapter 4.

In addition, there are various effects, dark screens, and surprising horror that suddenly come out, and it is quite difficult to play for a long time. Also, Gore has a very tight depiction. A rooted tooth scattered around.

Fortunately, the optional items are abundant and detailed settings are possible, so I think it is especially important to set up the head and FOV. I was playing while swallowing Taika (Romanian liquor) to distract the fear of the writer who is not good at horror, but I was quite tired. So, readers should enjoy a moderate break.

Romania is the Principality of Warakia. Speaking of the Principality of Warakia, Vlad Zepesh, a skewered public. Speaking of Vladzpesh, a vampire. The horror of this work comes to the spirit, as I want to be ashamed of myself with such a simple idea.

If you are hungry for horror, why not play this work once?

Title : Last Days of Lazarus

Compatible model : PC (Steam)

Play model in the article : PC

Release date : June 23, 2022

Author play time at the time of writing article : 3 hours

Price : 1840 yen

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