Kaiden is one of the last Roblox adventure games based on the popular Jujitsu Kaiser anime. As in the original series, the game has several clans that you can join, and depending on your choice of clan you will receive several privileges and bonuses that will affect your common set of characters. For example, if you are in the Hos hi clan, you will receive 8 % more damage from curses and additional +200 curses to the common counter. So, if you are a beginner and do not understand which clan to throw first, do not worry. Try to unlock something like a MIA clan and study other options by studying our carefully composed list of levels.

All Citizen clans-ranked

Note: the clans within each level are not located in any specific ranking order.

The best clans in Kaiden

The best common clan in Kaiden


  • Despite the fact that Panama belongs to a less popular group of semi-leaf types, this is the best clan in the game thanks to the per cation of Overtime Angry. This bonus allows users to get +100 to health, +250 to endurance, +30% to damage from curses, +30% to damage from weapons and +30% to damage in close combat from 18:00 to 6:00 in the game. Thanks to this bonus, which almost doubles your basic characteristic at night, you can kill many mobs and enemies, helping you to advance in the game much faster. We strongly recommend the clan to people who are trying to go through the main storyline of quests.


Best clan for beginners in Kaiden


  • Lenin is the best clan for beginners in Kaiden. This is mainly due to the passive ability of anger, which allows users to receive 25% less damage from any type of attack, thereby helping beginners tolerate defeat while they study various combat abilities and techniques in the game. The only disadvantage is that the clan belongs to the category of legendary, and it is quite difficult to get, since it has a rare 1.2% compared to others.

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