The most avid readers will have another book of video games at their disposal. Gameness h announced file V: mystery and video games, a volume written by Jesús Retinue ‘Media’ that collects The most controversial milestones in history of this young industry -each time more Vesta, yes-since its beginnings till the date.

The book will go on sale on December 15, 2022 , although it can already be reserved at The day one edition, available exclusively through the web, includes two marks and a collectible lenticular card of the video game the end of time.

No one forgets the ce of E.T. The extraterrestrial of Atari 2600: So I think, go, this game that I made more than thirty years ago generates debate. People still talk about him even to complain or criticize him , says his creator, Howard Scott Warsaw, in an unprecedented interview included in the book.

hugging the mystery, the unusual

The ce of E.T. It is not the only controversy that h exploded in the industry, expected. In the words of its author, the starting point is inevitably, the crossing of industrial espionage accusations between Ralph Baer-Creader of the Pioneer Magnate Videoconsola Odyssey-and Nolan Bushnell, responsible for the launch of the mythical Pong.

What others strange events, controversial and enigmatic have had video games protagonists. W there really Polybius’s recreational? Why h the smiling Evil Otto inspired various urban legends? Did you know that Rare created a Tarot game for NEW? How did Slender man’s terrifying legend originate?