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Netflixs wager for video games grows with the structure of a new research in Finland

Netflix guarantees that their video games will not have marketing or purchases in-app , Finland, with Marko Lasting as director. This is one more action in our vision of constructing a world-class computer game studio that will bring a variety of initial, deeply attractive and charming games- without advertising and without acquisitions in-app ** -For our hundreds of numerous participants on the planet.

This news only declares Netflix’s intents in the area of video games through a model that includes them in its conventional membership. Nonetheless, it is evident that the customers of the platform are there for the series and motion pictures , as the information suggests that much less than 1% of the participants play the releases daily.

Marko Lasting is a specialist with a lengthy career in the computer game market, because it must be born in mind that he acted as a basic manager and also executive manufacturer in EA . After this, he co-founded the research of Zynga and came to be a research supervisor at Netflix Games . On the various other hand, the platform highlights that Helsinki likewise functions as a home for the Next Gaming steam, which became part of Netflix at the beginning of the year.

Netflix is throwing all the meat on the grill to become a brand-new referral of video games. With the aim of ending up 2022 with 50 mobile video games special for participants of its platform, the brand known for real estate collection and films has taken the profile to acquire specialized researches in the Android and iOS ecosystem. This does not avoid that it can additionally locate a designer **.

Sparkasse creates two many years of the EC

Sparkasse customers beware: The credit institution just creates one of its many years of service. There is no alternative.

Germany – With around 50 million customers, the Sparkasse in Germany is the undisputed number one under the financial service providers. Much of these customers now has to set a huge changeover, because the savings bank will make two services permanently.

Sparkasse creates payment functions – millions of customers are affected by conversion

Specifically, the abolition of the two payment functions Money Card and Giro go, which were for years on the offer of the savings bank. Both functions belonged to the normal equipment of the Red Sparkasse Card. Already since July 1, 2020, no new cards are published with these functions more.

The Sparkasse itself informs on your website that existing savings bank cards with the mentioned functions in the coming years should be gradually replaced by new cards. By the end of 2024, the cards with cash card and Giro go function should be completely disappeared from the market. First of last year, another innovation had been announced with giro cards.

Money card and Giro go : Simple prepaid payment functions at the Sparkasse

As the reasons for the abolition of long-term services, the savings bank call changed market conditions. Both the payment function with the cash card and Giro go have been less used by customers in recent years. Meanwhile, the contactless payment with the savings bank card, paying by credit card or smartphone are much more popular.

Paying with the money card / giro go is only possible by prior charging by credit (prepaid). The function can be paid to the Giro card for the electronic wallet, with the smaller purchases of up to 25 euros quickly and without entering a PIN or signature of the receipt (more news about digital at Girogo).

What happens to the prepaid cards with existing credit?

With future savings bank cards, this feature will no longer be possible. What concretely means that no credit can be booked more on the map. The prepaid possibility is completely eliminated.

Customers who are currently still saving bank cards with cash card or Giro go feature can pay with it until the end of the validity of your cards. Maximum but only until December 31, 2024. Existing credit remains until then. In addition, however, the Sparkasse Card must be unloaded by 31 March 2025 at the latest.


No prepaid function More at the Sparkasse: Which alternatives have customers?

A new prepaid payment function no longer offers the savings bank after the abolition of both services. However, the company points out that the normal payment with the Sparkasse Card (debit from the account) is a fast and secure alternative to the cash card and Giro go.

Paying with the smartphone is also, especially in Corona times, another and above all hygienic method to pay shopping quickly and contactless. Until a purchase value of 50 euros, no PIN entry is necessary according to the savings bank.

By the way: If you prefer paying cash instead of card, you will increasingly get problems. Because in Germany there are always fewer ATMs. The reason for this is the digitization.

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