Our Islam de Len The Map Guide of Forgotten Island will show you all the interesting points on the beginning island of the game, such as the city, the first dungeon, a free sword and more. Review the island of Len Map and key areas associated below!

Where is the Islam de Len Map?

If you are looking for the Islam de Len Map, there are some bad news: the advance version of the game was launched without a map or minimal.

The island in which you begin is called «Island forgotten», but you will not discover the name until you have repaired the bridge to Bridgewater. We have gone, and we create this island of Len Island Map forgotten that will indicate the most interesting points of the map.

Islam de Len Points of interest map — Island forgotten

There is plenty of space open in the Islam de Forgotten Island: A lot of space for you to build a beautiful house (and with space for craft stations and a farm, to start). Each of the following numbers highlights a point of interest on the map.

1 — Abandoned country house

There is an abandoned cabin at the north point of the map. To get there, you will have to repair two wooden bridges. You can find some metal recovered in barrels, but what is more important, you can dismantle the house and get some iron fragments and other craft materials.

2 — Broken bridge to Bridgewater

To the north of its starting raft (4) there is a broken bridge. This can be repaired for the cost of 80 stones and 40 limestones.

It is a very good idea to collect stone (gray rocks on the island) and limestone (white rocks on coasts and in water) and rebuild this bridge as soon as possible; This gives you access to the city of Bridgewater where you can buy crops along with weapons, tools and backpack updates.

3 — House and lantern in ruins

To the west of the exit raft (4) there is a hut in ruins. You can choose to build here, or you can dismantle it completely; There is also a nearby lantern that can provide some light at night.

4. Balsa and point of appearance

This is where you will start the game. The raft also has a sleeping bag that allows you to sleep at night or save the game.

5 — Clay Island

To the east-southeast of your initial raft (4) there is a sandy island with a handful of enemies and several clay deposits.

6 — Abandoned fishing hut

The southeast part of the island has a hut in ruins with the following description:

Abandoned fishing hut

It was once the perfect residence for an experienced fisherman. It has not been lived in many years, with some love and care, this hut could be the home of a fisherman friend someday.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to comply with any function in the release version of Early Access de Islam de Len.

7- Abandoned wooden cabin

South of the main road there is an abandoned wooden cabin; When you click on it, the following description will be disclosed:

Abandoned wooden cottage

A small cottage worthy of a lumberjack who wants to live from the earth. He has been abandoned for many years, this hut could be the home of a friend cutting wood someday.

Unfortunately, the abandoned wood cottage does not seem to comply with any function in the release version of early access of Islam de Len, anyone.

8 — Old caves

The ancient caves are the first cave (and dungeon) that you will experience in Islam de Len. It could be said that this is one of the most important locations of the entire map: serves as a source of stone, coal, fragments of iron, dark essence, light stones and more.

9 — Runic Stones

To the west of The Ancient Caves there are a series of menhirs. You can find equal stones underground, load them with a stone of light and immediately teleport to the surface.

10 — Broken SUR Bridge

This bridge can not be repaired and leads to an island that can not be accessed in the release version of Early Access de Islam de Len.

11 — Inaccessible island

This island is currently inaccessible in the release version of Early Access de Islam de Len.

12- Cuevas collapsed

Len's Island - Open World Dungeon Diving Island Survival

This cave seems to be inaccessible in the release version of Early Access of Islam de Len.

13 — Solitary island

The solitary island can be a bit difficult to find, but it’s worth it. In addition to a little booty, you can also find a sword called «Marlin», one of the many weapons in Islam de Len and an easy access update for your combat capabilities.

14 — Pirate Island

This island has some structures that you can dismantle and something booty, but otherwise it has no purpose still in the release version of Early Access de Islam de Len.

15- The sand altar

The sand altar has a good amount of metal rescued. It also has some fairly hard enemies with whom you do not want to fight until you have a good amount of experience in combat. There is also a resplendent altar whose purpose we have not yet discovered.