At MediaMarkt you can get the microSD memory card Sandisk Ultra, which is suitable for Nintendo Switch, in the white version with 400 GB storage space, namely for 39 euros. According to comparison platforms, there is currently neither this model nor the Red Sandisk Ultra A1 with 400 GB so cheap from any other dealer. The shipping is free. MediaMarkt has not yet indicated an official expiry date for the deal. Here you come to offer:

Sandisk Ultra MicroSD memory card 400 GB for € 39 at MediaMarkt

How well is the Sandisk Ultra for Nintendo Switch?

Reading speed: With a maximum reading speed of 100 MB/s, the SanDisk Ultra MicroSD memory card is very suitable for the Nintendo Switch. For use in the console, a memory card should have a reading speed of at least 80 MB/s.

Shit: , on the other hand, the SanDisk Ultra cuts down rather moderately. But that is hardly important as long as you only use them in the switch. However, if you want to record 4K videos, you should use a more expensive U3 class card. The SanDisk Ultra only belongs to class U1.

Sandisk Ultra MicroSD memory card 400 GB for € 39 at MediaMarkt

SanDisk microSDXC Memory Card for Nintendo Switch Setup Guide

Speech space: 400 GB are enough on the Nintendo Switch for a lot of games, even when it comes to big first party titles. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is only about 15 GB in size. For a few dozen games installed at the same time, the Sandisk Ultra should be enough for you. If you download rather small indie titles anyway, the number could even be three digits.

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