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In MMORPG Embers Adrift, stress started

What's in Beta? - EMBERS ADRIFT tutorials
The authors of the MMORPG Embers Adrift from Stormhaven Studios launched a new stage in the closed beta testing of their game, the purpose of which is to “destroy servers.” It will be carried out until May 1, that is, only a day.

Especially for the ongoing testing, the “Ruster of the World” event is also organized, which allows players to explore the whole world of the game without problems, and then get the Worldbreaker title. Only those who previously participated in the alpha or gained access can now be able to enter the game. The latter can still be done through the official website of the game, but you will have to pay as much as $ 50.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Locations of telescopes

In this Fortnite Guide you will learn:

  • Where you can find the telescopes on the map
  • How to destroy her
  • What you need to collect from you

Which orders are still waiting for you in chapter 3 Season 1, we have summarized in our order overview, which we are constantly updating.

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Where is the job?

For a week you have time to fulfill the order. Travels to the sanctuary or one of the outposts of the seven and phase 1 is completed. Phase 2 starts automatically. Your task is now to find three telescopes, destroy them and collect individual parts . All this you have to do within a round, otherwise the task and her starts in the next game from the beginning.

All locations of telescopes

Once you have accepted the order, there are a total of nine spots where you can find and destroy your telescopes. We have marked them for you with a red X on the map . As a rule, the locations are outstanding the seven. So keep your eyes open, as the telescopes can be both within the buildings, and before.

How do I destroy the telescopes in Fortnite?

You do not have to do anything about going to run to the telescopes and either shoot with a weapon or edit them with your harvest tool . Once the telescope was destroyed, items should be on the floor, which you collect and deposit on your order.

With us, however, never stood on the floor and the counter increased in none of the rounds. In the end, the order still counted for us. So it seems to be a bug. Maybe you’re more lucky.

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