UNITED STATES MARSHALS SERVICE (USES) is an authorities company of the United States Federal government depending on the Department of Justice. His agents leading operations, typically called Marshals, are much less than a hundred and also guide the countless connected marshals and the criminal detectives on the ground. This firm developed on September 24, 1789, is just one of the oldest federal companies in the United States as well as constitutes the armed arm of government justice. Its objective is the protection of federal courts, the searching of fugitives, the defense of witnesses as well as the surveillance of detainee transfers. Its functioning is governed by Title 28, Chapter 37 of the United States Code.

Recently, the center Brennan for justice in the United States, published a list created by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), where tweets that can be considered a danger are monitored. In shared information, A couple of overtime messages and video games were found.

The Brennan Center obtained the archives as part of its ongoing demand for freedom of information against LAPD. Between October and November of last year, more than 70 thousand tweets a day that were considered dangerous are achieved. However, is clear that this was made by a bot that does not take into consideration the context of a message. In this way, tweets appear on the list such as:

Hashimoto intervened because they were about to kill Naruto.

I love them all, but also Gore Czech [of person 5] is a massive killer.

Out of context, tweets as the previously mentioned two can alert more than one man from law, but here we are talking about anime and video games. The tweets were classified into six categories: Domestic extremism and white nationalism, potential danger, civil disturbances, electoral security, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and American Surveillance. The spreadsheets included the content of the message, the labels and the data on your reach.

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Editor’s note:

This demand against the Los Angeles Police arises because of the privacy problems that this search on Twitter means. We only hope that people in charge of executing the law is a fan of Naruto or have played person 5 to understand these tweets.