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MediaMarkt – Nintendo Switch

Im madness fast-selling at MediaMarkt , which only takes until tomorrow, there are in addition to many other special offers such as 4K TVs, laptops and various household appliances also microSD memory cards for the Nintendo Switch cheaper. The white SanDisk Ultra with 128 GB gets you for 12 euros, the Red Sandisk Ultra Plus with 400 GB is available for 39 euros.

Nintendo Switch kopen, unboxen en Mario Kart vs Thijs de Bondt | Noway Vlog #4
SanDisk Ultra 128 GB instead of 15,99 € for 12 € at MediaMarkt Sandisk Ultra Plus 400 GB instead of 59,99 € for 39 € at Mediamarkt

The shipping is free in both cases. The memory card with 128 GB, according to comparison platforms, just nowhere else is otherwise so cheap. The Red Sandisk Ultra with 400 GB can also get on offer at Amazon for 39 euros, but not in the plus variant, but in a small bit slower normal version with 120 MB / s:

SanDisk Ultra 400 GB for 39 € at Amazon

How well is the SanDisk Ultra suitable for Nintendo Switch?

The white version of the SanDisk Ultra, which is also known as SanDisk Ultra Lite, comes to a maximum read speed of 100 MB / s. The Red Sandisk Ultra creates up to 130 MB / s in the 400 GB version. Both models are therefore well suited for the Nintendo Switch, which requires a microSD memory card with at least 60 MB / s but better but with more than 80 MB / s.

In the writing speed, however, both memory cards cut off rather weak. However, when used in the Nintendo Switch, this little difference. But if you are looking for a memory card for recording 4K videos, you are wrong with the SANDISK ULTRA and creates a more expensive model like the SanDisk Extreme .

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB instead of 15,99 € for 12 € at MediaMarkt Sandisk Ultra Plus 400 GB instead of 59,99 € for 39 € at Mediamarkt

Incidentally, 400 GB of memory is likely to reach you on the Nintendo Switch for a long time, after all, most switch games are comparatively small, as far as the memory needs are concerned. Even a big AAA title like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game just needs about 15 GB. Even on the 128 GB version, some games fit.

More about what you should pay attention to on a memory card for the Nintendo Switch, you will learn in our purchase advice:

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These are the best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards 2021


The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your MediaMarkt supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

Reisiger Kimmich Of course it would have been better to vaccinate me before

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Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich admits he is not vaccinated
In the interview with IDF, after his corona disease, a very thoughtful Joshua Gimmick, who was willing to provide information. He had mild symptoms and as many other concerned no tastings and smelled. Unfortunately, the final examination had been determined that he still has liquid in the lungs. Therefore, he must make calmer for the time being before he could return to normal training.

His decision against the vaccine was required at the time for different reasons. In addition to worries and fears, he had also hoped to be able to protect themselves through precautionary measures from being ill. The diagnosis was not nice then, says the national player.

Gimmick: I already had a vaccination date

When he was in the quarantine because it had come within the team to fall, he realized that he did not have it in their own hand, whether he comes into contact with the virus or not. I had a vaccine during my second quarantine phase, says a serious Gimmick. Unfortunately, the disease came to me before. Of course, it would have been better to vaccinate myself.

If it is recommended after the disease, I will vaccinate myself, However, the 26-year-old leaves no doubt that he already made a decision for the future.

I let the team down

He acknowledges his fellow players a guilty conscience. I was the one who missed the highlight games and could not help the team. I let the team down. That does not apply to his time of the disease, but probably for the phase of quarantine before. That would not happen with a vaccine.

Thus, Gimmick on one side is repented, too, as far as the salary cuts of the association concerns. That was the good right of the association and the has to accept. On the other hand, he also sees crossed boundaries, since it did not always have factual criticism in his decision of that time.

Nevertheless, I’m just a person who has fears and concerns

Of course I am aware that as a national player and players from FC Bayern Munich I have a role model, and yet I am only a person who has fears and concerns, Gimmick criticizes the handling of his person. We are always talking about respect, tolerance and openness and these are values ​​that have missed extremely in my discussion. There were limits exceeded.

In general, it is not his job to convince people of vaccination. It is not the right way to put every person under pressure until he can no longer. It’s worth listening to what people are afraid of and why they are concerned.

Reek also an interview with Bavaria team doctor Professor Dr. Schmidt: Gimmick will be fully resilient again

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