FLY vs CLG | Week 6 Day 1 S12 LCS Spring 2022 | FlyQuest vs CLG W6D1 Full Game

The competitive circuit of League of Legends in the United States is increasingly decentralized by seeing stuffs that has had Team Liquid and Flyquest in the last days. If we add that Cloud9 is at a sweet moment , the show in the North American league is served and the Hype is growing as the Conference progresses. And is that, despite the strange departure of LS by the American club it has not been entirely bad and the results are successfully reached with a very well deserved position.

While the _Drafts are not dreaming as it happened with Nick, the League of Legends of all of them is being outstanding . However, while the drafts are not dreaming as it was happening with Nick, the League of Legends of all of them is being outstanding. However, it is necessary to stand out especially the enormous work of Korean players who have arrived this year, but in particular the Berserker, which with players like yesterday showed why they are the future of Korea.

Berserker was flying with Jinx thanks to the huge help he received from the support in the first minutes of the game, something that was visible throughout the map and that could be seen in this play. BWIPO , Being a JAX , I could finish quickly with jinx because the skill kit of it is a headache for the shooters. What was not expected is that Berserker played incredibly well his letters and the harm that the Belgian player received most was on the part of the turrets.

This type of plays shows us that the shooters can end up with the most annoying fighters if he knows how to play well with the environment . Berserker is one of the most good players of the current LCS and is demonstrating it in each of the games he plays, as is happening with Summit and the good roll of the entire cloud9 team.