In Call of Duty War zone 2, players will meet various objects and items that can be useful for various missions. The Mission of Health Conscious, the first level of the White Lotus faction, requires the players to extract six bandages. Although this subject is quite common, players have problems with the implementation of this mission. Here’s how to find and extract bandages in Call of Duty War zone 2 DMZ.

How to extract with bandages in War zone 2 DMZ

Bits are ordinary objects that can be found as ground production and in first-aid kits. You will find this subject at all points of interest in amaze. The Health Conscious mission requires players to collect nine stimulants and six bandages and successfully extract them. Stimulants can also be found in first-aid kits, but less often than in bandages. You can also find them in different hiding places scattered on the map.

The collection of Steam is also important, and players can do this by searching for every cache and first-aid kits that they come across. Steam allows players to quickly restore their health during exhaustion and is an important tool that can be carried with them in a demilitarized z1. Players can wear several stimulants and bandages in the bag, but their simple uplift will not complete the mission. To get both awards for the Health Conscious mission, players must extract six bandages. This means that you should have an item in your backpack while extracting it from a helicopter. This is a relatively simple mission, and you will be rewarded with the emblem of the white lotus and 5000 XP for its implementation.

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