Here is the location of upgrading the hack Security Droid for BD-1.

If you have a couple of stormtroopers still active near the safety and security android, this can quickly remove them. You can obtain the realization entitled do not unclean with BD-1.

Slice - Security Droid Upgrade Location - How to Hack Security Droids - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This minute is when you can hack them. Press the directional sidewalk to start hacking them and also allow BD-1 do its work. After hacking, the androids will recover part of their health and also begin defending you.

BD-1 handles to hack up the droids, yet it can additionally find out to hack the great security droidsjedi: Fallen order.To grasp this technology, you will certainly have to go to Kashyyk to find it.

Locate a security android to test it with BD-1 when you acquire the upgrade. Unlike androids probes, you can not hack them quickly. You need to damage a good part of their wellness. They will make a brief curm for a couple of secs and also take a break when they are nearly beat.

It is in the imperial refinery. You will have to go right, turn two creeping plants to arrive.