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Werewolves – How To Defeat Them And When They Appear

There are dozens of different varieties of monsters to hunt and kill in The Content, and each of them is dangerous in their own right.
None is as annoying and difficult as the werewolf.
Here is how to kill wolf men easily in The Witcher 3.

Kill Wolf Men in The Witcher 3

Strengths of Wolf Man

The attacks of the werewolf are not particularly interesting.
Yes, the beast is a bit more powerful than some of the others that you will find in the game, but there are many enemies in the game you could say exactly the same.
What makes the Werewolf such a problematic encounter is its ability to prolong the simplest fights.
The werewolf has the ability to cure the damage he has received at a fairly fast pace.
This means that it can spend time reducing its health bar only to heal completely in a very short period of time while trying to avoid death.
This forces the player to depend on the elements or adopt a particularly direct approach in the battle against the loans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
With regard to the elements, the Moon Dust and Devils Puffball bombs are excellent to limit the skills of the werewolf and cause extreme damage, respectively.
The damn oil is definitely a great help for the production of Gerald’s damage, but as it should be applied to your sword before the battle, it is not always an option, especially in a first encounter.

weaknesses of the werewolf

The bestiary will tell you that the werewolf in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are weak against fire and that Agni must be used.
This is true, but Queen can be very beneficial if you have few articles such as pumps and oil.
The reason is that they mitigate almost all the damage to a werewolf attack, which allows the player to remain close enough to launch some strong attacks.
In the first part of the fight, you can fight with the werewolf normally.


Use Agni to cause burns, so you can throw yourself and give some strong blows with your sword.
After a while, the werewolf will begin to regenerate his health, which is indicated by green numbers that appear on the head of the beast.
This is when you will need to change your attack method.
If you don’t have Moon Dust, then stop the Werewolf’s regenerative skills is practically out of discussion.
The best course of action is to defeat the werewolf as quickly as possible, and that is where they are useful.
Change to the Queen sign and immediately launch it, so you can load.
Do not give up at all, and you can dispatch the werewolf.
Of course, this will require that you practice a little dodging (not rolling) so you can avoid vicious blows while keeping a distance close enough so that Gerald can connect with each stroke of his sword.
The werewolf is probably the most demanding enemy of the game.

You will test your patience, your reflexes and your limits with each one of the meetings, but following the previous advice you will become a world-renowned hunter in a very short time.
As mentioned above, there are many monsters against which to fight as you advance in the 100-hour campaign and their expansions.
Be sure to consult the wiki to get more guides and, if you haven’t done so, read our review.
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