Active celebrity Keanu Reeves asked himself the inquiries of his followers on Reddit.
He exposed many interesting secrets in the comments-including which Wonder hero he would love to play.
What does Hugh Jackman consider it?

Keanu Reeves discloses: I’ve constantly wanted to play Wolverine

Neo, John Wick, Constantine-Keanu Reeves has already personified figures in the past that have a type of superhero character.
In an AMA (Ask me any ding) thread on Reddit, the now 58-year-old cult actor exposed that he would also such as to inherit Hugh Jackman in the duty of the Wolverine:

Inquiry from Kailai2133: ‘Existed ever before a duty in your profession that you regret having turned down?

Response by Keanu Reeves: ‘No, however I’ve constantly desired to play Wolverine.
Hugh Jackman is currently strongly planned as a Wolverine in Deadpool 3, but that does not have to imply that Keanu Reeves’ dream does not yet happen.
Reeves could embody the dark version of Wolverine called Waffle X, which is even much more ruthless-if and also harsh this tale is ever recorded.
In John Wick: Chapter 4, Keanu Reeves went back to the German movie theater wall surfaces on March 23, 2023.
The very first scenes from the film can be seen in the trailer:
John Wick: Phase 4 Trailer German

What else did Keanu Reeves reveal?

In the Reddit Thread, Keanu Reeves addressed numerous other concerns from the fans.
For instance, he revealed that the wedding and also the clock ring from John Wick, the sword of 47 Robin and the red pill from Matrix are still in its possession.
A fan wished to know, as an example, whether Reeves had actually currently talked to James Gun concerning Constantine 2, because he sincerely wishes that the movie will certainly be reality: Keanu Reeves’ brief response: Yes-and I really hope so too.
A Reddit individual attracts Reeves that German scientists have named a natural connection according to him (source: CNN).
The reason: The dipeptides kill so efficiently that we called them after Keanu Reeves due to the fact that he as well is incredibly fatal in his functions. Keanu Reeves is flattered, yet notes that they need to merely call the link John Wick.