We are in the pre-Christmas time of the year 2021 AD. The whole video game market is occupied by Triple-A-Blockbustern… the whole video game market? No! The indomitable Indie-Publisher Microids does not stop to resist the large manufacturers. After Marsupials: Hoobadventure and the Smurfs: Mission leafiest bring the French now another small license game on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! (Buy Now €39.99) is a classic 2D Brawler, who is intended to capture the charm of the comics created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. So we have beaten through thousands of Romans, bandits and pirates to determine if the title is so little fun as the procurement of the pass sign A-38, or whether the game is so flower white and brightly presents that you could accept, It was washed with Olympics — the plasticizer of the gods -.

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! In the test

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Eyes and ear grouse

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! Of course, turn around the title heroes. But that could probably think of even people who hold the wild boar in peppermint sauce for a delicacy and whose Crisis lukewarm is. Instead of having only one of the many adventures from Aster ix and his best friend Felix to be experienced or even writing a completely new story, the developers of Mr. Put Studios decided to pick up several stories to pick up the indomitable dallier.

The boss fights are a bit disappointing. Here too, dull clops enough. Source: PC Games In the course of the 50 missions, it takes us, among other things, in Roman camps, to Britain, Corsica, Spain and Egypt. We also meet well-known figures like Pepe, Tea fax or Numerous and of course other popular galleries like Miracle, Majestic or Methuselah. However, the stories are only very shortened and told in still pictures. A narrator moderates new stages quasi, but otherwise the stories are internment.

Well-known jobs from the comics and films such as the rugby game in Continuum are even completely omitted. That’s damn a pity, because optically is slap Them all! An absolute force and will let the heart of each Aster ix fan raise than a kiss of village beauty Cabala. Characters, scenes and animations were completely hand drawn by hand to capture the style of comics. That succeeds very well. It really feels like you would control the two dallier through the panels. If ASTERIA drinks a swallow potion or the small Prefix squeezes in addition to master Felix, while this is just a few juicy baking pipes, then you sit as a fan of the template with a wide grin in front of the screen.

The visual style and the strongly shortened post-counting of well-known Aster ix comics and popular figures are nice fan service, but we would have just wished for the implementation of some stories a bit more. Finally, the Game Boy Game Aster ix & Felix in 1995 already got, key scenes of the template, such as the rugby game or the tower of Continuum, beautifully integrated into the gameplay and thus ensure variety. With Felix you can beat the Romans back and forth. The charm of the comic template is therefore well captured. Source: PC Games Even with the language samples, a little more variance would have been nice. For example, if Aster ix, for example, felt eight hundred thousand times happy a free trip with the carousel! When he throws a Roman throwing, we actually treat that sympathetic Dallier a private concert of Bard Roubaix and a lot of stinking fish from Gestalt.

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