Top 10 Uncensored Ecchi Anime That You Need to Watch

EC CHI — Slanged term used in Japanese as euphemism determination of sexual intercourse, erotic fantasies and sexual subjects. As an adjective, it has a lubricity meaning, indecent, frivolous as a noun is used to determine people with such features, and as a verb also means having sex. This word comes from the first letter of Hentai, but there is no negative overtone.

Why do we remember about it? Because the PC console version Origin online, which has been running on our market for many years, is a fantasy ecchi-ECCHI fantasy. Nacecyched with sexuality, erotic and feminine subtext (wearing) heroes that make sure most characters in the whole game.

Origin Heroes is a mobile version of Origin, although maintained in the same convention.

The premiere of the game took place a few hours ago. Apparently for the whole world (Origin Heroes is available in English and there is no information about any regional lock).

You can play on Android and IOS. Good luck!