The weapons that can be manufactured were introduced in Destiny 2 with the DLC Witch Queen in February. The list of weapons that you could manufacture in February was relatively small, but has grown exponentially since then. We have already made several guides discussing how to get these weapons, but a question remains: how do you level them? So today, let’s talk How to level up weapons manufactured quickly at destination 2.

How to quickly raise weapons manufactured in Destiny 2

Once you acquire your artisanal weapon, your next step is to raise the level of the weapon until you can choose what advantages you want in it. In general, you must point to level 16, since almost all improved advantages can be unblocking by then, except some that require beyond level 16. We will review a couple of places where you can quickly rise.

Meeting with Short Chi (incursion of the last desire)

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For quite some time, the second encounter at Let Wish Raid, the meeting of Short Chi, has been a reference place to climb the weapons quickly. He has a lot of easy enemies to kill like Thrall and a couple of gentlemen. Then, once you have finished killing them all, he simply jumps out of the map or limit to restart the encounter and do everything again. He continues to do this until his weapon finally finished leveling.

You would think that, since it is the second meeting of the incursion, it would be annoying to arrive al1. However, that is not the case for a main reason, Wish Wall. The Last Wish Raid presents a mechanics just at the opening of the incursion where, if the players enter a specific code, they can be teleported to any encounter within the incursion. Here is an image of the code you need to be teleported to Short Chi.

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Golgotha (Fall of the King’s fall)

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In a recent turn of the events, within the King’s Fall Raid is the third meeting, Golgotha, and a new leveling point was born. Unlike Short Chi, Golgotha has triple enemies that you can defeat in a single race and will not kill automatically after a couple of minutes. Instead, you can continue killing your enemies until, finally, after about 10 minutes, the ruin tablet (cleaning mechanics) will kill you and make restart. On a good streak, you can defeat up to 450 enemies at once, unlike Short Chi, where you can only defeat up to 85 if you are lucky.

Although, the means to get to Golgotha are less than favorable. Unlike Last Wish Raid, King’s Fall does not have a Wish Wall function where you can teleport to any meeting in the raid. If you want to get to Golgotha, you will first have to build a six-fire team and go through the totems and meetings with War priest. So it is a scenario of choosing your poison; You can choose Short Chi, who is easier to get but has fewer enemies to deal with, or Golgotha, who has more enemies, but more difficult to achieve. But the choice does not matter, These two incursion meetings are the best places to upload your artisanal weapons.

What level should their weapons have to apply Memento shaders?

If you are looking to use your gambit, proof or memories of Nightfall recently won in your manufactured weapons, you will have to wait awhile before seeing its real effect. When you make your weapon, you can apply any of the previous Memento at any time, but if you want to see the exclusive shaders that come with it, you will first have to raise the level of your weapon to level 30 . Upon reaching level 30, its new Gambit, Trials or Nightfall Memento Shader will be available to use in your weapon.

What is the best way to get ascending alloys in Destiny 2?

Now that your weapon has risen, it is time to apply its improved advantages. Once you choose the advantages you want, it will cost you bright and resonant alloys and, more importantly, multiple Ascendant alloys. Ascending alloys can be achieved from a variety of sources within the game, but let’s analyze the two best options.


The first option is to buy copies from the teacher School in the tower. For 100 legendary fragments, you can buy 1. However, if you want to buy more, the price will increase to 400 legendary fragments. It is not a cheap method, but it saves the discomfort of getting one of the next option. The second option is to play the master difficulty of the weekly mission of the Witch Queen campaign. It will not be guaranteed, but you have many chances of winning one at the end of the task.

That is all you need to know about How to quickly raise weapons manufactured in Destiny 2 .
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