Luckily, it appears like a number of these initial pests that have been discovered with The Tale of Dragoon have actually been quickly attended to. Within the previous day, update version 1.02 for the game on PS5 as well as PS4 was launched and notably appeared to address the title’s concerns with collapsing. More bugs linked to the video game’s sound have also been rectified with this spot also. Some followers have actually kept in mind that not all errors connected to The Tale of Dragoon have been squashed just yet, however it seems like Sony is quite aware of the port’s shortcomings and is seeking to repair these battles sooner as opposed to later on.

One of the most beloved RPGs from the PS1 period returned on PS5 as well as PS4 this past week, yet as fans have been quick to report, it appears this new re-release has been rife with a number of issues. As component of February’s schedule of PS And also Standards, Sony lastly allowed loosened a brand-new version of The Tale of Dragoon for modern-day PlayStation platforms. As well as while this launch was consulted with widespread pleasure from long time PlayStation followers, it appears that this port has actually left quite a bit to be preferred out of the entrance.

Have you been playing The Legend of Dragoon for yourself since it was released this previous week? And if so, have you observed any kind of major troubles for on your own? Make certain to allow me to understand either down in the comments or strike me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


Adhering to the launch of The Legend of Dragoon on PS5 and also PS4, fans that began playing the game for themselves discovered a handful of big concerns. All in all, fans were rapidly in agreement that this port was quite unsatisfactory, to claim the least.


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One of the most cherished RPGs from the PS1 age returned on PS5 as well as PS4 this previous week, however as followers have been quick to report, it seems this new re-release has been raging with a number of problems. And also while this launch was satisfied with extensive joy from long time PlayStation fans, it seems that this port has left fairly a little to be preferred out of the gate.

Some fans have actually noted that not all errors linked to The Legend of Dragoon has been compressed simply yet, however it appears like Sony is very much conscious of the port’s shortcomings as well as is looking to deal with these battles quicker instead than later on.