Blizzard has announced that new legendary aspects will arrive at Overwatch 2. Together with all the other events that will arrive with season 3 of the game, Blizzard still has time to create and launch new cosmetics for the favorite heroes of the players.
This is how you can get a new aspect for Ashe and Bob: Raisin and Fuji.
For those who wonder where inspiration for this aspect comes from, Raisin is the god of Japanese thunder and Fuji is the god of the wind.


The two are frequently matched as the teachers of the elements in Japanese mythology.
It is said that the two gods live at the Lamination door, located in the Sanjusangondo temple complex in Tokyo, Japan.
Fix the iron sights !!
Cover half of the screen
To acquire this aspect inspired by Japanese mythology in Overwatch 2, you just have to go to the game store and buy the new legendary package that contains the appearance of Raisin and Fuji Ashe.

In addition to the mask, the package also contains a new spray and a voice line.
The package costs 1900 Overwatch coins.
Some players have complained in.
On the problems with the new mask, since the views of the Viper lever action rifle of Ashe obstruct too much, which makes shooting performance difficult.