Mad Head Games is a developer behind Scars Above.
A space adventure on sci-fi, action, lottery and exploration on an unknown planet was very positive.

The beginning of adventure.
The team is considering alternatives on a spacecraft.

expedition tourism expands

The four-person party has set off for a responsible journey with its Hermes spaceship.
The captain of the ship will give a small speech before he gives the participant, Kate, the honor of taking the next step, and approaching the object in front of the controls.
However, something goes wrong and the ship is absorbed towards the surface of the unknown planet.
After a short video, Kate returns to the surface of the planet, but there is no trace.
The mysterious character appears in front of Kate, as if leading him in the direction he wanted.

In the long run, Kate will find, among other things, an efficient beat and an electrical gun that will immediately be needed, as almost all the organisms that appear in front are attacked.
The strange, light radiating monolith stands out from afar, providing a momentary refuge and storage point.
Small tips are clicked on the screen almost, almost disturbing at the beginning, but it is still advisable to leave the tutorials on.
Namely, every new thing or function is described on the screen in detail when it comes to colliding.
At its best, instructions, in some contexts, even provide a light training simulation that teaches the use of different skills.
Weapons updates are conveniently handled by a 3D printer as long as they are found first.

a moment, where do you have to go next?

The environment is downright harsh and gloomy, and there is no too many light sources available.
More specifically, except monoliths and locked routes, there are all the easy-to-remember details that would help, and it is somewhat annoying.
There are no footprints on the ground, enemy bodies disappear with the storage points, and very much is based on information recorded by brainstorms.
The next goal is visible on the screen with a meter reading, but it often refers to an object that does not invade, for example, before finding the right object.
Sure, you can always say that you have found something new when enemies pop up in front, but what about death?
Yes, only, in the context of reincarnation, we return to the last monolith used, and all enemies have come to life.
Fortunately, Kate is a buzzing runner who doesn’t stop, like Call of Duty: War zone 2, where a few seconds of a few seconds of running makes the soldier giggle.
However, not only by running past the haters, at least not in the early part of the game, but frequent firearms must be used.
So there is no map at all, but fortunately, at the time of death, automatic storage remembers important and adventuring lots, so you don’t have to look for them again.
It is enough to survive to the next monolith.
It has to be said that the distances are reasonably human, so that repetition will not be too much.
In these, the eye is resting every time-a shortcut gate that can only be opened on one side.
Opening it will significantly reduce the journey if death corrects everything.

lots of weapons, equipment and bosses with puzzle

Later, Kate’s repertoire includes several weapons and a lot of different defense tools on a very wide range.
The bad guys seeking close-up time are inserted low with an effective stroke, whereas, for example, electricity, fire, ice or poison are offered to the distant objects.
The details of the environment can also be utilized, creating a delightfully many ways to handle battle situations.
Controls also deserve praise as they can easily adopt through a little training.
The meaningfulness of the battle is specifically based on the fact that each creature has its weakness for a particular weapon element, equipment belt aid, environmental characteristics, or combinations of these.
At the easiest end, it is to toss the flammable fluid in the tantalum and shake the fire right afterwards, which will end up with the drumming of the barbecue parties.
Another basic tactic is to freeze the creature and shoot with an electric gun at a weak spot as the bad guys are helpless.
There is plenty of space left for the imagination.

Larger bosses, in particular, are the most fascinating every time, precisely because of their puzzle.
While, for example, well-timed evacuation, attacks, and intermittent improvement in Dark Souls act as a combination, Kate has to take advantage of her range of equipment much more widely to achieve profit.
When playing at normal level, death was quite often corrected, especially in boss encounters, but as the adventure progressed, there were so many defense tools that it was too easy to get rid of the basic cottage.
Of course, it has its own charm, too, that you can show the hairy monsters, lentils and other ATVs who have been going to the cabinet’s place early in the story.
There were numerous companies with this Orwell before the ticket could be pulled.
This is one of the best bosses in the game for puzzle.
I did not appreciate that HUD could not be visible all the time, but only from time to time.
And there was no decree for that function.

Return more humane going

Scars Above has many same features as a rhetoric that has received a lot of positive attention.
Leave Term’s review, you will understand better.
Both are adventurous on an unknown planet, each has a female protagonist, weapons, we use a weapon, and investigates an unknown, some common factors.
Both also achieve something permanent in small steps.
The advantage of the Alpine story is better gameplay makes the newcomer more approachable compared to the murderous Rogue lite theme of Return.


Scares Above also includes role-playing elements in the comparison of games, as data cubes in the planet’s caches provide experience to open adventure-facilitating talent points.
The world’s liveliness is the biggest difference between titles.
The world of Return is colorful, surprising, spacious and also tinted with height differences.
In Return, jumping is also possible, while the cover has no jumping feature at all.
Mad Head Games is content with only a few funny creatures and a couple of other freaks that I did not recognize.
For example, fish in the waters splashed fish, harmless murmurs, birds flying in the sky, or other organisms suitable for the local theme would have cheered the world strangely.
In addition to the bad guys, there is mainly a rush, water, cliffs, waterfalls, strange architecture, hay and snow.
However, the so-called empty moments are sometimes filled with a stunning theme of music.
Going songs are also played in boss battles.
The bangs of the weapons and other small sounds do not quite reach the level of melodic pieces, but they are still quite valid and by no means bad.
Small mini-puzzles are a moderate addition to the game, but they do not offer anything revolutionary in the world.

not quite up to the stars but high

Technically, Scars Above is a very functional package.
The melting 60 Frame screen refresh has remained steady throughout the adventure.
The buggy department has shone in its absence, except once in the very early stages I somehow stuck in the corner of a small pond and couldn’t get rid of.
However, through the function found in the menu, I was able to return to the previous monolith, and the journey continued.
However, I share a little criticism that the mouths of the characters move like the mouths of the old Muppet anemia dolls-in the rhythm with speech, but there is not much humanity.
However, it is not worth paying too much attention, as the whole thing is very intact.
Unfortunately, the adventure came to one massive bug while my story was already close to the final texts.
In a nutshell, I ended my game session after a boss’s fall after studying the future scenery.
After my return, I couldn’t get out of a space anymore because the invisible wall blocked my progress.
There is only one automatic storage, so I couldn’t get backwards with them either.
The PlayStation 5 screen says 85 % for the game, so I assume it means the story percentage.
It would be too big a job to make the same sky again, so I have to wait for a corrective update.
I also reported a very detailed report from the bug to the game makers to solve the problem.

As a whole, Scars Above has been an entertaining adventure and is easy to recommend for anyone who appreciates challenge, shooting, science fiction and activities.
Three different levels of difficulty also offer an easier option if you want to enjoy more gameplay.
In particular, I would like to mention that this is not a horror game, but I was quite frightened a few times.
It really delighted when you couldn’t wait for the scare, taking into account the theme of the game.
Knowledge of English helps you understand the stages of the story and the plot, but the emphasis is still in action-so without reading.
Really great novelty by the Indie studio.
Note: The transmission bug mentioned in the text is such a big deal that the number of stars given is only valid with it.