In Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to perform several tests, fighting with different types of enemies.
Some of them will be difficult, for example, to throw the baton of the troll, but this can be easily done with the help of the right spells.
The trick of some of these tests is to use the correct spells at a certain moment.
Here’s how you can turn the club to turn the troll face to face in the Hogwarts Hormitature.

How to turn the troll club in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

The trolls are scattered on the map, and you can use the friend spell to throw the baton of the troll.
However, this is not as simple as it seems, and you need to know what attacks these enemies use.
Trolls have two characteristic attacks.
The first where they grab a piece of stone and throw it into you.
In the second attack, the troll attacks and waving a club.
In the second attack, you will have the opportunity to turn the baton of the troll.
Let Troll attack you with your club and wait until the club touches the ground.
Immediately confident from the attack and apply the friend to throw the baton into the troll’s face.
This will cut it off for a while and complete duel exploits against this type of enemies.
For another attack, you will see a hint over your character, which shows how to protect yourself from this attack.

You can use Protege to protect yourself and counterattack using Stupefy, holding the button.
Before you can use Friend, make sure that you have unlocked the spell by completing the task of Professor Garlic 2. Using Friend is a prerequisite for completing the Dueling Feats test.
Although the first time you may not work.
Continue to evade his attacks and wait until he strokes his hands on the ground with a club, when you attack.
Trolls are one of the most vile creatures in Hogwarts’s Heritage.


Perhaps you remember the troll at large, which was caught by Harry, Hermione and Ron.
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