In Hi-fi Rush, Spectra doors have an ominous traffic signal and numbers are inscribed on it.
They are important because as quickly as they break through, they are confronted with a challenge.
After you have finished this challenge, you will be rewarded with a number of treats (and collector’s pieces), all of which count at the end of the video game.
Here you will find directions on all Spectra scale places.

Track 1: A clean slate

After you have met Smudge and have actually discovered something about the opponents and rhythm of the world, go past him and look for a rocky lead.
Let yourself fall from the edge to the lower ideal part, and you will discover a few gears together with a locked door.
The objective here is to defeat the challenger without touching the floor.
Use the magnetic gripper to reduce the range and move the last blow.

Track 2: Turn on

Usage Peppermint to break the shields of the strongly safeguarded robots that you experience in the arena.


Defeat them and after that climb up the catwalk.

At this place you will discover a locked door of level 2.
Enemies are only susceptible to hits for twelve strokes after they parried them.
This includes damage to the Z armor and barriers.

Track 3: Trial by (Volcanic Fire).

When you have actually completed test chamber 3, leave the lab and walk through the hallway that offers a spectacular view of the volcanic interior of the caves.
Go to the right and search for a collapsed area of the hall.
Jump over the fallen rocks and follow the path up until you come across the Spectra door.
The objective here is to damage enemies just with Parker and counter abilities.
The Peppermint brand names do not cause any damage, and you need to buy the required brands in the store.

Track 4: Less spending plan, more issues.

After you have reached the Peppermint Shop Kiosk, search for a wind generator on the.
Go back to this area after being unlocked the 3rd buddy.
Utilize it to trigger the generator and develop an alternative platform course that leads to a Spectra door.
The difficulty is to use pet dog counters.

Track 5: outbreak.

The Broken Armstrong Circuit is also found on the same platform.
The challenge is also pretty simple.
You need to beat enemies with Overkill, which means that you utilize a team attack to do an enemy instead of a normal attack.

Track 7: The climb.

Cross the shop in the first security location 02 and go up the stairs.
The door is at the top right, next to a vlog that likewise explains the door.
To pass the obstacle, you don’t have to move.
The game just counts routine movements so that you can continue to use the magnetic gripper to reach opponents.

Track 8: A history hour.

As soon as you cross the third Van delay export, you will stumble upon a generator series that ends in magnetic hooks.
Reverse at the end and cross the pipes to get to the door.
You can not hurt enemies and have to utilize your parallel and alternative skills to master the obstacle.

Track 10: A master strategy.

After going into the atrium, neglect the hammer button and go to the right.
Utilize the terraces to get a higher platform with a graffiti, a life display, the Armstrong Circuit and lastly the Spectra door.
It is a time-based challenge (stats that identifies its total number of points at the end of the fight).
You can use any mix of trains as long as you meet the Just Timing Criteria.