One of the tasks of Professor Warwick in Hogwarts’s Heritage will require players a little offensive actions with his magical instruments to study the Levies Vanadium.
If you remember your first lesson in the tribology, you already know what these plants are doing, so let us explain how you can get Manager and a poisonous tentacle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Heritage Hogwarts Manager and Poisonous tentacles

Both Manager and Tentacle are magical tools, and therefore these plants do not grow in the wild.


You can get them randomly in the form of extraction from some enemy or chest, but this is an extremely unreliable way to get them.
This means that in the Hogwarts heritage there are only two ways to get both Manager and a poisonous tentacles.
Both of these plants can be bought from Civil and a deadly hat in Hogs mid or take from a flower pot in the room of requirements.

Although the purchase of Mandrake and Venomous Tentacle for 500 gold and 600 gold, respectively, is the fastest way to get these plants for use in the assignment of Professor Garlic, the seller has an extremely limited amount and replenishment of stocks a few days later.
An ideal but laborious way to get a manager and a poisonous tentacle is to buy seeds from Kirov and deadly, 800 gold for Manager and 1050 gold for a poisonous tentacle and put them in a pot.
After some time, you can collect the plant to get these tools.
The initial cost of this can be high due to seed prices, but in the long run you will save much more money.
You can also find several manager in this place in the forbidden forest, but they are not revived, so you can only get them once if you need them in a hurry.
Both of these plants are offensive tools.
When used in battle, Manager is stunning and damaging the closest enemies with his scream, allowing the players to use their own spells, not worrying about evading enemy attacks.
The poisonous tentacle is similar to the veneer flycatcher and causes the plant on the ground, which spits poison into enemies.
In order to complete the task of Professor Warwick I in Hogwarts’s Heritage to study the Levies Vanadium, players must purchase and use both Manager and a poisonous tentacles.
Keep in mind that you need to hit several enemies with a scream of Mandragorgora so that he counts in the task.