After the fusion between Warner Bros. and Discovery, the plans to modify HBO Max were revealed, to the degree that the platform would change its name, and the catalog of these two companies would be available in one place.
However, a new report has revealed that these plans have been substantially modified.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. Discovery plans to keep Discovery+, and all its content, intact on its own platform, just as it has worked in recent years.
Does this mean that fusion with HBO Max will no longer be carried out?
Warner Bros. Discovery still plans to launch a new platform that combines the contents of HBO Max and Discovery+, it is only that the second will still be kept separately as an option for all those who do not want to pay for the next streaming service of the company.
For its part, the new Warner Bros. Discovery platform is expected to be available in this year’s spring in the United States.


In this way, it is likely that at the end of the current fiscal year, that is, by March 2023, concrete information about this mysterious service will be announced.
On related issues, The Last of Us premiere was one of the most successful for HBO.
Similarly, the subscription price for this platform could rise.
Editor’s note:
It is strange that Discovery+ is maintained for all those who do not want to pay more, but HBO Max will disappear, and the only way to continue watching series like The Last of Us and House of the Dragon will be paying more.