In order not to come under pressure early in his term, Merino Cassette wants to score 3 points in his 2nd video game as head coach of FC Ingolstadt.
This was also the intent in his first attempt, but the relegated team had too numerous great chances in the house video game against Dortmund’s second selection-and eventually looked back 1-2.
The unsuccessful debut has actually already been ticked off.
We desire to focus on the next job now, said Cassette at the match day press conference before the battle versus VFL Osnabrück.
If we think in our strengths, it is hard for each group to rating against us, the new fitness instructor referred to the quality of his team.

We understand that we satisfy a strong challenger.
Osnabrück is the team of the hour.

Merino Cassette
The VfL-Aktuell is also at the top of the Tobias Schweinsteiger group in the style table.
The club from Lower Saxony was able to win each of his 4 battles in the calendar year 2023.
We understand that we fulfill a strong opponent. Osnabrück is the group of the hour, confessed Cassette.
You have a good defense, however obviously we desire to win the game.
Nerve is that the defensive bulwark of the Bremen bridge in all its four success has never been cracked as soon as.
And Cassette does not mind if it stays that way.
This time, however, the exploitation of opportunities should be.
We evaluated a lot in the previous week and rehearsed many procedures. The kids are all set to play a good game, guaranteed Cassette.

The objective of recurring has recently moved far away

Prior to the season, the FCI had actually provided the return to the second Bundesliga as the goal.
In the new year, however, the FCI has not yet collected a single point in the league, was appropriately passed through in the table and is currently 8 points behind the transfer place.

Butler and Kitten fall out-new co-trainers on board

The Scanners need to do without VFL on Justin Butler (muscle injury) and Max Kitten (swelling).
For this, Thomas Launch and Patrick Schmidt have recently returned to group training.
In specific, the 29-year-old enemy, who currently contributed six scorer points (four objectives, two assists) this season, extends the offensive options of Cassette.
In the short-term, however, an operation for him could come too early after his knee surgical treatment.
Since today, Daniel Sergio has actually been a brand-new face in the Upper Bavaria coaching personnel.
The assistant coach currently knows Cassette well from a time together at SC Very.