The Last Case of benedict fox will be available on April 27 on Xbox and PC consoles, verifies the Plot Twist studio while offering a playable demonstration on Steam as well as a long video discussion commented by the innovative director Bartłomiej Lesiakowski.
Developed by the Polish studio Plot Twist, The Last Case of benedict fox is a Metroidvania with Lovecraft accents featuring an investigator connected to a devil who offers him the capability to dive into the memory of current deceased individuals.

This discussion of gameplay begins in the manor which serves as the basis of operations, however the vital happens throughout the 2nd hour of play, so that the lead character is already in belongings of some capacities.
At this stage of the story, Ben Fox discovered the body of his father deceased and will plunge into the limbo, simply put the dimension of memories, to comprehend the tricks left by his father inventor.

Fox Murder

It is therefore here that the environment takes a supernatural instruction under the motivation of the emotions and injury of the departed, and where devils will try to avoid the player from gathering the pieces of the puzzle.


Whatever, in this dimension, Benedict is no longer an easy investigator either and can associate the testicular capacities of his satanic force with attacks on hand-to-body or his handgun.
By gathering the ink of satanic forces beat in the limbo, the gamer will be able to go to the tattoo artist to reveal (not without pain) brand-new talents.
The end of the video provides an overview of an employer battle on a little touch of remarkable jazz.
Available on the day of its release in the Xbox Game Pass subscription, The Last Case of benedict fox has an appointment on Xbox and PC consoles on April 27, 2023. A playable demo is now available on Steam.

The Last Case of benedict fox-Presentation of the gameplay