Death or Treat
Develop: Sauna Studios // Pubic: PERP Games
Launch: Spring of 2023
Editor PERP Games and the Madrid team of Sauna Studios announced a few days ago that Death of Treat will be published at some point in this spring on PC and consoles.
His demo, in fact, had been on the Valve platform for almost a month before being framed within the Next Fest
But of which there is also much to get in the design of their fighting.
In Death or Treat we will embody Scary, leader in the manufacture of sweets for Halloween in the city of Hallow town, and our goal will be to save the most terrifying holiday of the year while we rebuild our home, with restored premises that will serve to improve our weapons and skills.

To do this, a lot of different materials will be needed that we will find throughout our expeditions in search of enemies, the main facet of this rogue lite and that serves to create a dynamic of the Monster Hunter such as going hunting and
Back to our base with everything collected.


In the case of Death or Treat, it works especially well because it is a pleasure
They feel alive in addition to lovely animations of each part of the environment.
The combat is the other great banner of the Hack and Slash of Sauna;
Although at first it may seem not very intuitive due to its rhythms (the recharge time of your dash, attack or jump, the attack animations of the enemies, their distances), its gameplay is especially attractive, its satisfactory movements for the fluid
and invites you to learn to master all your possibilities.
The biggest problem of Death or Treat’s demo, however, lies in what is demo, and explained.
The beginning of the test puts on the table a lot of information such as reconstruction, materials and its extreme need and the operation of the city, although it is understood as a necessary evil to be able to teach everything possible in this extensive demonstration.
Best of all, the demo makes clear everything that is yet to come.
It is very positive to leave a test like this after starting to see the many possibilities that offer their wide catalog of weapons, their skills, their fight and the wide variety of hand drawn environments that, surely, will shine as much as the city of Hallow town.