Gorgeous Darmstadt 98 has actually again provided in the promotion race of the second Bundesliga.
Throughout the relegation-threatened SV Tannhauser, the lilies won 4-0 (2-0) on Friday night and initially broadened their lead over the transfer location to six points.


Tannhauser missed out on the start of the year after the away win in Bielefeld and is just 2 points in front of a direct transfer zone.
Doppelganger Mathias Honda (7th/25th) set the soft early for the preferred prior to Oscar Vilhelmsson (55.) gotten rid of all residual doubt.
Replace Emir Kari (89.) also satisfied shortly before completion.
This implies that the group of coach Torsten Lieberknecht has actually been unbeaten for 20 competitive games.
On Tuesday, the lilies take a trip with a broad chest to the DFB Cup round of 16 at the Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt (8:45 p.m./ Sky).

counterattack brings the choice

In front of 7254 spectators, the Lieberknecht-Elf caught a measure.
Honda, who ran for the very first time this season after a long injury break, headed a corner from a brief distance.
As an outcome, a well-balanced encounter with penalty location scenes on both sides developed.
Then Honda sparked the ball into the goal network for a second time.
After the break, Darmstadt stayed effective and utilized a counterattack for the decision: Phillip Dietz extended a long-beaten ball to his storm coworker Vilhelmsson, which transformed securely below.