Since titanium is a barren wasteland, it is not the most hospitable place for homeowners.
There is a lot of began in the atmosphere, smoke pipes constantly emit smoke, and it is difficult to find work.
This can make the living conditions of your citizens far from ideal, which will lead to the unfortunate community.
Nevertheless, there are ways to improve the in habitability of your citizens on the titanium, helping you create groups of convenient, effective and living employees.

Here’s how to increase the in habitability in Industries of Titan.

How to improve the in habitability in Industries of Titan

Construct buildings that improve duties nearby.

There are two approaches to improve the in habitability of the building.
Firstly, you can build buildings, such as an office, a hospital, or a park nearby, since they increase the in habitability of nearby buildings.


These buildings can increase your habitability from two to eight points, depending on the type of building.
In addition, you can remove nearby buildings that reduce in habitability, such as smoke pipes or factories.
To maximize your in habitability, try to arrange residential areas away from industrial buildings.
Thus, you do not have to sacrifice potential resources for the comfort of your citizens, and you will still have a happy community.

Factors affecting in habitability, explanation

The in habitability describes the general happiness and health of the inhabitants of the building through numerical significance.
This number is affected by several factors, such as the concentration of Satan, pollution and proximity to structures such as a factory or a protective turret.
The higher this number, the better.
If your number of habitability is close to 100, it is unlikely that any of the citizens will die.
If your habitability is low, your citizens will die quite often.
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