Hogwarts Legacy immerses you in a magical world in this role-playing game with the open world and allows players to meet their beloved characters, such as PIZ.


Hogwarts Legacies allows players to configure their character and their wands.
One of the first decisions that you take will be a choice of the type of tree of your wand, such as the core, flexibility and the length of the stick.

After you record this choice, can you again configure your wand in Hogwarts’s Heritage?
Unfortunately, after you visited Oleander and took your wand, you can no longer configure the wand.
Although players can create a wand using their account of the Harry Potter fan club, which can be presented in the game, you can additionally configure it during a meeting with Oleander at his store in Hogwarts.
Do not forget to carefully choose your wand, because after this moment you cannot change your wand.
You can, however, unlock new sticks of the sticks that can be added to the stick.
This will not change the appearance of your entire stick, but only make minor changes to the adjustment of the handle of your wand.
The hilt of the rods are cosmetic objects that can be unlocked by completing tasks and receiving rewards for performing the tasks of the quest.
Handles for sticks can be added to your stick in the Gear menu.
The hilt of the wands in no way affect your characteristics.
They are purely for aesthetics.
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