Both with Amazon and MediaMarkt you can now get a micros memory card that is well appropriate for Nintendo Change in the unique offer.


At MediaMarkt there is the SanDisk Ultra with 256 GB (RAP: EUR 71) for just EUR 19.99, at Amazon you can likewise buy the Samsung Eve Plus with 256 GB for EUR 19.99.
Here you can find the deals:
Samsung Eve Plus Micros memory card 256 GB for EUR 19.99 at Amazon
SanDisk Ultra Micros SD card 256 GB for EUR 19.99 at MediaMarkt
Nevertheless, the Amazon provides has a catch: there is only provided here from February 23.

The SanDisk Ultra at MediaMarkt, on the other hand, is instantly available.
At MediaMarkt, the deal belongs to the big WSV Sales, which runs until February 8th.
So far, Amazon does not supply any information on how long the deal has actually stood.
WSV at MediaMarkt: To the offers

SanDisk Ultra vs. Samsung Eve Plus: Which card is better for Switch?

Reading speed: Both the SanDisk Ultra and the Samsung Eve Plus are extremely appropriate for the Nintendo Switch.
The SanDisk Ultra in the white version offered here provides a reading speed of up to 100 MB/s, the Samsung Eve Plus rises to 130 MB/s.
For use in the Nintendo Change you need a micros SD card with a minimum of 60, but better with over 80 MB/s.
The speed distinction in between the 2 cards is barely visible on the Switch.
Writing speed: At the composing speed, there are big distinctions between the two cards.
The Samsung Eve Plus is a SD card of the speed class U3, which is likewise suitable for taping 4K videos.
The SanDisk Ultra, on the other hand, is a map of the U1 class, which is too slow.
However, this difference is just moderately pertinent for use in the Nintendo Change.
Samsung Eve Plus Micros SD card 256 GB for EUR 19.99 at Amazon
In general, the Samsung Eve Plus is the better deal, offered you have the time to wait a couple of weeks for delivery.
If you just desire to use the SD card in the Change anyway, you are not much even worse with the SanDisk Ultra.
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