There is little to grumble about, because it smartly has some direct choice buttons, for instance for the standard two-zone environment automated.
The Astra is likewise extensively provided, that includes the ten-inch infotainment screen, which reacts quickly and dependably, comparable to tag is the voice assistance.
You can get utilized to the automated shifter.
The recuperation key B increases energy healing.
In addition, four recovery levels can be set via steering wheel rockers, including a capable car function that likewise considers traffic processes.

also as a station wagon

Not dull for some prospective purchasers: In addition to the Astra 5th door we have driven by us, Opel has actually likewise been providing the mix version Sports Tourer since last summer.
The surcharge is 1100 euros.
Ingo Reuse

information sheet Opel Astra Fifth door plug-in-hybrid

Combustion engine: displacement 1598 CCM, cylinder 4, power 110 kW150 hp at 6000 rpm.
Electric motor: power 81.2 kW/110 hp at 2500/min.
System performance 133 kW/180 hp, system torque 360 Nm.
Lace 225 km/h, velocity 0-100 km/h 7.6 sec, energy consumption WLTP 1.1-1.0 L S/100 km and 14.4-14.0 kWh of electricity/100 km, fuel usage test 6,
4 l/100 km, length 4.37 m, width 1.86 without, 2.06 m with exterior mirrors, height 1.44 m, baggage compartment 352-1268 L, empty weight 1678 kg, payload 472 kg, trailer load 750 kg (uncontrolled.) and 1450 kg (braked).
Price from 38,650 euros.

Plug-in hybrids or part-time power, as the cars with combustion and electric motor plus plugs are called, have set off a genuine purchase boom in current months.
This involved state subsidization and with the fact that lots of consumers desired to take the so-called environmental perk with them soon before the end.

Because the beginning of 2023 it has been over with the federal aid, which has at least 4,500 euros.
As a repercussion, there is a substantial decline in PHEW sales figures.

still fascinating

A plug-in hybrid can be exhausted for those who welcome you to discipline and the electrical capacity in daily life, because it is always interesting to be intriguing.
One of the most famous part-time streams amongst the compact vehicle is the Opel Astra 1.6 DI Turbo PHEW.
In the 6th generation, the Astra is based on a platform from the Stellantis group, which amongst other things likewise comes from the brands Peugeot, Citroën or Fiat.
The client has the choice: In addition to the Astra 5th door (image), there is likewise the combination Sports Tourer.
Aesthetically, the 4.37 meter long compact is pleased.
The external dimensions mainly represent that of the competitors, consisting of the VW Golf, which, however, can not presently be configured as a plug-in hybrid.
The Astra is 9 centimeters longer compared to the primary competitor from Wolfsburg, but that is barely noticeable in the interior.
Especially in the rear, the Opel does not offer too much area in the foot well, and the broad sills likewise make it challenging to get on and exit.
On the other hand, the residents feel conveniently accommodated, especially if the ergonomic and healthy back (AGR) accredited sports-active seats (1120 euros) are purchased on request.
Not just do they offer good side attitudes, but can likewise be adjusted electrically, and they also take a trip back in the Design mode.
The battery costs area: at the Astra PHEW, the travel luggage compartment shrinks from 422/1339 to 352/1268 liter capacity.
352 to 1268 liters can be stowed in the ASTRA PHEW in the baggage compartment.
Anyone who buys the universal charger for 990 euros and always takes them with them restrict the volume through the associated luggage.

fuel engine and e-engine in team effort

Astra clients who have a look under the bonnet will most likely not be shocked if you can see from the recommendation Pure-Tech that there is a lot of Stellantis technique in your Opel.
The 1.6-liter fuel engine produces 110 kW/150 hp and is supported by an electric machine with 81 kW/110 hp.
In total, the two drives concern a system output of 133 kW/180 hp.
There is a more powerful version with 165 kW/225 hp.
In the standardized intake according to WLTP, the Astra is specified with around one liter of Super Plus 14 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers.
This value does not happen on longer routes, because if the electrical variety of 63 kilometers is tired, the combustion engineer remains by itself.
With positive driving style and in overland traffic, practice values of simply under 6 liters per 100 kilometers can be anticipated, typically (also freeway journeys paid in here), our test vehicle approved 6.4 liters.
An eight-speed automatic chooses the driving levels.
About the mileage: In hybrid mode, the Astra finishes the sprint from no to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds, according to the factory, the top is 225 km/h.
And at the filling time: It takes practically two hours on the 22 kW wall box for the 12.4 kWh battery.
Nevertheless, this needs the 7.4 kW onboard battery charger, which costs 500 euros surcharge.
Just a 3.7 kW loader is set up as requirement.

harmonious drive

The Astra likes its unified drive, and it is especially quiet due to city traffic.


When cornering, it becomes clear that the steering ought to be a little more direct and with more feedback, however that will be more of a matter of stylish, ambitious driver.
Many customers must feel comfy thanks to the well-balanced chassis vote.
It falls tight, but not too tough.
What observed: With the plug-in variant, the brake pedal can not actually be dosed.
Astra cockpit: with a double display screen, guiding wheel rockers and mini-shifter for the automatic driving levels.