Andrews McMeel most especially publishes Zweihänder, a Grim and Perilous dream RPG designed by Daniel Fox, who then joined Andrews McMeel as Executive Creator of Games in 2019. Numerous other RPG books that utilized the Zweihänder game system were likewise published by Andrews McMeel, however the RPG division had branched out with campaign setting books based on OZ and Neverland and had publishing contacts for Into the Mom Lands and Swords fall, although development on that job went quiet in 2021 after its developer ended up being involved in debate.

andrews mcmeel publishing has reportedly shuttered its RPG division, canceling the contract of a minimum of one upcoming job. Yesterday, Tanya Repass and B. Dave Walters announced that andrews mcmeel publishing had cancelled its contract to publish Into the Mom Lands, an Afro futurist RPG, and was closing its RPG division. Regardless of maintaining our end of the deal and doing all of our operate in great faith to get [Andrews McMeel] a final manuscript by their due date; they informed us they are no longer releasing RPG’s regardless of having a contract with us; and ended it during a conference to inform us of closing down the RPG department, Repass and Walters wrote. The pair added that they are satisfying with another publisher this week in the hopes of moving their task, but were prepared for the possibility of self-publishing.


has reached out to Andrews McMeel for comment about the closure of their RPG division and will update with their remark should they offer one.

There were indications that a change in Andrews McMeel was coming-Fox announced that he would be leaving the company at the end of in 2015 and Andrews McMeel subsequently shuttered an RPG-focused Twitter account for the company on January 3rd. However, Fox kept in mind in his announcement that Andrews McMeel would continue to release Zweihänder and the publisher was still promoting different RPG projects as just recently as today, having retweeted a post from Blackbirds, another game released by Andrews McMeel. confirmed that Andrews McMeel would continue to publish Zweihänder in the meantime, but developer Daniel Fox was trying to find other publishing options progressing.