The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is still a few years away, but there are already concerns about the growing number of broadcasters who will be changing careers when it begins.

After more than 380 live broadcasts, the voice of commentator Bela Retry will sound on Wednesday at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on ZDF.
For his colleagues it is the end of a big live press reporter career.
The little anecdote with Leon Goretzka from a global match in Wolfsburg exposes a lot about the value of Bela Retry.
I jumped in at the video game and interviewed him, reports the ZDF reporter.
At that time, the worldwide reacted inflamed to the very first question of the reporter and stated: Sorry, please once again. I was truthfully distracted by her voice due to the fact that I know them from the global matches as a little young boy.
Bela Retry, that has been the voice of football for Gretzky and countless fans for numerous years.
Good friends of the video game of more than 380 live broadcasts understand the distinctive noise.

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This Wednesday, at the World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco, she will be sounding for the last time when the ZDF is relayed.
Retry has his last game on his 66th birthday.
Then retirement begins.
It is the end of a big live press reporter profession, as World Cup group boss Christoph Hamm, who, unlike Retry, works in the broadcast studio in Mainz and stays undetectable to the audience.
The ZDF associate also raves about his distinct voice and his wit.
Retry’s comparison of the hairdo of the Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama with a Burst became popular.
Most of the time he is a rather sober football analyst.
And likewise as a colleague and male unmatched, our Bela, as Oliver Schmidt, who likewise works as a press reporter, stated.

since 1986 at all World Championships

Retry has been working for the ZDF for the ZDF considering that 1986, considering that 1994 as a live reporter at all significant tournaments.
The biggest game was his very first last for him when the German group won the European Championship title in England in 1996.
It was a remarkable video game with the very first Golden objective, a milestone for me, states the press reporter.
The first World Cup last 6 years later on with the Brazilian victory against Germany was a unique broadcast for the kid of Hungarian parents born in Vienna: I grew up in Brazil.


At that time, no pig knew me, he says delicately about his first years of work.
It takes numerous years for individuals to perceive you.
His sonorous voice, that doesn’t injure, he says.
It was a special accomplishment when this voice could not be heard.
Retry was silent for minutes at the European Champion last year, while the Danish Christian Erik sen defended his life in the square.
For me that was emotionally the hardest transmission.
After the game was cut off, the press reporter legend needed to go behind the microphone once again.
You can’t get ready for such circumstances.

Readily available time is the real luxury

In view of the function of consultants and press spokesman that are now attempting to protect coaches and players, journalism has altered in football, the knowledgeable journalist mentioned.
This is really different with hockey, for example, the he commented on at the Olympic Games.
The gamers of this less noticeable are smart and accessible.
In view of the increasingly tough structure conditions, the job as a football commentator is the last terrific flexibility.
After his last mission on Wednesday in Qatar, he wishes to utilize entirely new freedom.
Retry wants out of the treadmill, as he calls it.
He wishes to enjoy the absence of visit.

The ZDF guy states: Blanche and happiness about the brand-new freedom are not equally unique for me.
He will miss out on the competitions on site with his colleagues, working together, work, laugh.
He also states soon before saying bye-bye to this extremely unique tone: Readily available time is the genuine luxury.